Definitions for "Friction"
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The act of rubbing the surface of one body against that of another; attrition; in hygiene, the act of rubbing the body with the hand, with flannel, or with a brush etc., to excite the skin to healthy action.
The resistance which a body meets with from the surface on which it moves. It may be resistance to sliding motion, or to rolling motion.
A clashing between two persons or parties in opinions or work; a disagreement tending to prevent or retard progress.
A style of climbing that involves few positive holds and relies on balance, footwork and weight over the feet for grip on the rock face. Friction of climbing shoes is also used.
A style of climbing that involves few positive holds and relies on balance, footwork and pressure over the feet and hands, for grip on the rock face.
Friction, the third and final album by Coney Hatch, was released in 1983. Drummer Dave Ketchum left prior to this release, to be replaced by Barry Connors, formerly of Toronto.
Friction is the debut full length album from Christian rock band Stavesacre.
After Sally Dick & Jane ended, Phideaux worked on music alone as a one-man recording project. He attended school at New York University for film and television production. After graduating from college, Phideaux decided to return to the collaborative aspect of music and formed an acoustic-themed band called The SunMachine with childhood friend Ariel Farber (violin/vocals) and various other folks.
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FRL Frost point
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Friction feed on printer or plotter
Another name for striker. Also, the process that causes a match to ignite. (See Striker).
a way that a form of energy, such as kinetic energy, is changed into another form, usually heat energy. Friction causes you to slow down when you are swinging. It also causes a spinning top to eventually fall over.
Friction models are very similar to promotional models, except that they have a small motor that allows them to be rolled along for short distances under their own power. Friction models are also sometimes called coasters.
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Introduction | Introduction
a rubber adhesive compound applied to and impregnating a fabric.
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a state of conflict between persons
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Slight wear on a coin's high points or in the fields.
A massage stroke which compresses and lifts the tissue.
The loss in pressure and volume that occurs when liquids travel through pipes, fittings and other restrictive elements of a piping system.