Definitions for "Jane"
Jane is a renowned juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex fossil discovered in the Hell Creek Formation in southern Montana. After four years of preparation, Jane is now on display as the centerpiece of a new exhibit at Rockford, Illinois' Burpee Museum of Natural History called "Jane: Diary of a Dinosaur." Paleontologists believe the adolescent Tyrannosaurus rex was approximately 11 years old at its time of death. Visitors are able to discover what happened during the 66 million years it lay buried, visit a re-creation of the expedition’s Montana base camp, and view Jane’s fully restored 21.5-foot (6.5 metres) long skeleton.
a member of a hive mind, controlled by the mass media and told what to do, think, and be
In Orson Scott Card's Ender series, Jane is an artificial sentience thought to exist within the ansible network by which spaceships and planets communicate instantly across galactic distances. She has appeared in the novels Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind, and in a short story Investment Counselor. Her 'face', a computer generated hologram that she uses to talk to Ender, is described as plain and young, and it is illustrated in First Meetings as having a bun.
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Jane is a magazine created to appeal to the women who grew up reading Sassy Magazine, both of which were founded by Jane Pratt. Its original target audience (pitched to advertisers) was aged 19-34, and was designed to appeal to women who are irreverent. Originally intended by Pratt to be named Betty, she was voted down by everyone else involved in the making of the magazine.
Jane was a comic strip created and drawn by Norman Pett exclusively for the British tabloid The Daily Mirror from 5 December 1932 to 10 October 1959.
a lactation consultant, childbirth educator, and hypnobirthing childbirth educator with Best Start Parenting Center in Forest, Virginia, USA
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a native of North Carolina currently living in Durham, North Carolina
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A coin of Genoa; any small coin.
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A kind of twilled cotton cloth. See Jean.
The purpose of Jane is to provide a library for analyzing Java constructs. The current practice when writing Java tools has been to modify the Java grammer file for a particular compiler compiler to suit the needs of a particular tool. Jane is a layer
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an image, and sometimes a persona
a member of a foundational family (Markwalter) in this faith community
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a teacher at a girls' school
A Girl.
an experienced public sector manager