Definitions for "Manager"
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One who manages; a conductor or director; as, the manager of a theater.
Industry representative who works with writers (as well as with other "talent" such as directors, actors, and actresses) to develop their careers, both creatively (through consulting on story development, time-management, and prioritizing) and financially (through marketing the client's products). They perform many of the same services as do agents, but are not allowed to secure employment for their clients. Managers are, however, allowed to produce films (Chuck Bender, for example, produces films starring his client Sharon Stone), whereas agents are not. Managers often work in tandem with agents.
Like a director of a corporation, a manger is a person elected by the members to manage the LLC. However, an LLC need not elect managers; instead, the members may choose to manage the LLC directly.
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A desktop tool for managing the SPARCworks programming tools. It is a visual organizer that provides easy accessibility for starting, quitting, and managing tools.
a collection of device drivers and management software for controlling, configuring, and managing devices in a storage area network (SAN) environment that uses QLogic Fibre Channel (FC) host bus adapters (HBAs)
a comprehensive application for configuration and management of QLogic iSCSI HBAs used in SANs
a free upgrade to all current PhatBox / Kenwood Music Keg owners
an enterprise solution for IT security management that enables organizations to automate and control the key processes that underlie security risk and compliance
a new addition to our Uptime ECT upgrade to the Performance Professional and Web Transaction Professional plans
A person who conducts business or household affairs with economy and frugality; a good economist.
Provides career direction - artist pays commission
a personal decision the client needs to make
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An individual appointed by an associate director to manage a facility, program, or other organization. Examples include facility managers, office managers, department heads, division leaders, program managers, and project leaders.
(sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
a leader but he is also a team player
An employee whose major duties involve providing technical and administrative direction for other employees and whose responsibilities include directing the work of an organizational unit and accountability for the success of specific functions.
A deprecated Enterprise Server tool which is a combination development tool and administration tool. It provides facilities to monitor and manage queues, as well as define brokers, client groups and more.
A user level within Joomla!. Manager users have access to some Backend and all Frontend functions. See also Administrator, Super Administrator
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The IBM Tivoli Storage Area Network Manager component that is installed on a host and provides centralized control of the product. The manager gathers data from SNMP agents and agents on managed hosts and provides graphical displays of SANs. The manager can also forward events to the Tivoli Enterprise Console or an SNMP console.
a client application that generates requests for MIB information and processes responses
an agent of the employer and as such, can bind the company by his or her actions/statements
a person who directly supervises people in an organisation
a Supervisor who has sponsored six Active Direct Downlines
In the most basic sense of the word, a manager is simply someone who manages other people. According other definitions, managers also include: A person whose work or profession is management Management personnel intermediate between operational supervisors and policy-making administrators (middle management) Someone who directs a team A person who conducts business From the above list of definitions, it can be seen that not only does management include those with the title of "manager," but also anyone who supervises other people or oversees an operation. Thus a manager could of course be a top-level decision-maker, but could also be a job foreman or a shop level supervisor.
The person(s) responsible for the overall strategy and the specific buying and selling decisions for a mutual fund (called a fund manager) or other financial institution (called a money manager).
anyone responsible for subordinates and other resources of a business enterprise. Page 22
An individual charged with the responsibility for managing resources and processes.
a football (soccer) management video game series developed and published by Codemasters
a realistic soccer management game
A firm which deals with the issuer of securities on behalf of the underwriting group. There may be a number of co-managers, but only the one "running the books" is directly responsible for distributing securities throughout a syndicate.
The syndicate manager. See: Syndicate.
See syndicate manager.
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A contriver; an intriguer.
an example of the kind of solution that HP is bringing to market to answer these challenging questions
an instantiation of an SDC specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by web services and to provide a virtualized model of business services based on managing loosely coupled web services
a valuable part of the solution when you've built your application using SOA principles and you've used Web services technologies to implement it
a person who plans, organizes, directs, and controls the allocation of human, material, financial, and information resources in pursuit of the organization's goals
The JMF access point for obtaining system dependent resources such as Players, Processors, DataSources and the system TimeBase.
Someone who controls resources and expenditures.
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a Trademark of Susanne Waher
a finance professional to whom amounts of money are entrusted for management
In the kayfabe of professional wrestling, a manager is a character who is paired with a wrestler. A manager is often either a non-wrestler, an older wrestler who has retired or is nearing retirement or, in rare cases, a new wrestler who is breaking into the business (or a specific company) and needs the experience in front of the crowds.
A manager is usually the software interface to a device. Sometimes, they are interfaces to 'virtual' devices, software systems that perform some function like archiving sampler data or coordinating other managers. They are either synchronous and asynchronous managers depending upon whether their actions need to be coordinated with other managers. The way one interacts with a manager is through parameters, samplers, and manager methods. See the YGOR Fundamentals documentation for further details.
A dialog window where you perform actions on groups of entries in the archive, journal, or notebooks. Entries which meet the selection criteria, can be removed from or added to other notebooks. The entries can also have their tag changed and journal entries can be selected for archiving and auto-archiving.
Common title for the head of a life and/or health insurance agency operated as a branch of the home office, as opposed to being operated as a general agency. The manager is a home office employee, generally compensated by salary and allowances, often plus incentive bonuses.
an Employee , but is not classified in any of the specialization classes on this diagram
A common title for the head of an agency that is operated as a branch office, as opposed to being operated as a agency. The manager is a salaried employee, usually with an incentive bonus based on the agency's volume.
The next step above a playa. They wear suits as opposed to uniforms, usually are older than 15 to 18, and at least nominally are supposed to know what they're doing and actually be helpful.
A manager is neither licensed or regulated and is not supposed to make deals on behalf of their clients. Their fee is commission based and is 15%.
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Mayban Unit Trust Berhad (MMB)
a catalyst for performance, speeding up talent and making that talent work harder
an open source ad server based on phpAdsNew, enhanced for performance
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The City Manager of Elko, Nevada.
The analytical, monitoring, and display component of PTX.
eG software component that receives status information from all the agents and produces a comprehensive view of the health of the IT infrastructure that it monitors
the role that is played when a person performs the tasks of the management activity.
() a person who plans, organizes, and divides tasks
a role which manages a managed object
A client application that accesses data from a managed device or system.
an application that execute on the individual's work platform
an auxiliary application for HostMonitor
a full participant in HP's Adaptive Enterprise strategy
a person who, under any designation, depending on commercial usage, is engaged by a commercial entrepreneur for the exercise of the enterprise
A suite of Web pages that is used to author map configuration files, publish and administer ArcIMS services and designing Web pages. Manager resides on the Web server machine and can be accessed remotely.
a free service exclusively for drugstore
an incredibly addictive and popular franchise in Europe
a special DomainParticipant that helps ManagedApplications automatically discover each other within the Domain
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a program that provides reviewing and editing of DBF files
money market fund Morningstar Rating System
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a term which has a number of connotations
a mutable collection of one or more types of objects
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a Java applet
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Used to describe the node managing the IDS sensor, for example, Cisco Secure PM.
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a commodity to Beane
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the only day trader who figured out a Never Lose Trading System
A library or set of related libraries that defines a programming interface to the Mac OS. For example, the Memory Manager is a library of routines that helps developers allocate and release memory for their programs.
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a critical addition
a distinguished container holding code and data to support the transparent movement of data between primary and secondary storage
a voluntary position and will not receive any compensation
a management software residing in the application layer of a management station which is the control center of a network
a software program that sends requests for data to other computers on the network
an independent contractor and must pay their own taxes and expenses
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a title, it does not guarantee success
The Firm that provides the fund with investment research and portfolio management services.
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a central object used to track other objects and route messages between them
a node that actively participates in network management
Independent public company that manages the equity of an investment fund.
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an assistant to his men
A special class of user who has access to restricted functions.
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a new position
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See device manager.