Definitions for "CMMS "
Computerized Maintenance Management System. A computer system designed to manage the various maintenance processes at a facility. Typically includes task planning, scheduling, inventory control and cost accounting.
computerized maintenance management system. Computer systems that schedule, track and monitor maintenance activities and provide cost, component item, tooling, personnel and other reporting data and history. CMMS systems can often be interfaced with production scheduling and cost systems, and may be used to follow preventive maintenance policies.
Computerized Maintenance Management System - A CMMS is a software system designed to track information relevant to facility maintenance. This can include work order management, stocking and inventory data, planned maintenance scheduling, and much more.
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CMMS is an easy to use tool for managing and maintaining business equipment. It supports categories and sub- categories for organizing your equipment as well as two user levels, export to CSV, and complete vendor management.
an effective tool for data collection, organization, and reporting
an excellent tool for assisting in the pursuit of asset optimization
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