Definitions for "IMS"
Instructional Management Systems Project, an investment membership of academic, commercial and government organisations developing a set of specifications and prototype software for facilitating the growth and viability of distributed learning on the Internet
IMS (Instructional Management System) Global Learning Consortium, Inc. A body that is dedicated to defining and promoting open architecture interoperability specifications for e-learning activities products. Please visit
Intelligent Munitions Systems
Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the site of the Indy 500. This is now an IRL event.
An abbreviation for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A very popular race course, not in Indianapolis, but in Speedway, Indiana.
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I aM Sorry
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Interim Standard (IS) iTAP
A means of fund-raising, usually at the Metrodome or Target Center. Take and count tickets or direct people to their seats.
Insulated Metal Substrate Type of electronic circuit board consisting of a metal base coated with a layer of insulator and then the circuit board copper. Advantage is that heat can be conducted from surface mounting ICs through substrate.
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Irritable Male Syndrome
Interchange Modification Study
Institutional Markets and Services