Definitions for "EMS"
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(Environmental Management System).
mergency edical ervices. Monroe County fire dispatchers use this term in place of "first aid" when sending fire companies as first responders on ambulance calls.
Expanded Memory Specification. (7/96)
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ethylmethane sulfonate
electrical muscle stimulation. Device used to transmit a low-voltage current through the skin, generally to trigger points in a muscle near the junction of nerves and muscle tissue thereby causing the muscle to contract. Used in therapy for muscular pain.
eosinophilia myalgia syndrome. A disease caused by marked promotion of eosinophil activity, resulting in a symptom complex of severe pain, inflammation of the tendons, fluid build-up in the muscles, and skin rash. The disorder has been linked to a contaminant of some commercial preparations of the amino acid L-tryptophan.
Electrical Muscle Stimulator
ENGLISH MARKET SELECTION. Wrapper leaves that are slightly lighter in color than maduro.
English Market Standard is a richer golden brown color that is often referred to as a natural.
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EMT - Basic Practice Tests, Paramedic Practice Tests
Every Member Survey. assesses members' priorities and helps set AAUW's action agenda. 2001 results.
Edinburgh Mathematical Society
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happens just before PMS
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European Monetary System.
European Monetary Unit
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College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (PSU)
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Eastern Mountain Sports
Endowment funds Engineering risk