Definitions for "PSU"
See Primary Sampling Unit
Primary Sampling Unit. A Primary Sampling Unit is a collection of secondary sampling units that we select in the first stage of a two-stage sampling design. In two-stage sampling, we first select a PSU, then select secondary sampling units within each selected PSU.
practical salinity unit. Used to describe the concentration of dissolved salts in water, the UNESCO Practical Salinity Scale of 1978 (PSS78) defines salinity in terms of a conductivity ratio, so it is dimensionless. Salinity was formerly expressed in terms of parts per thousand (ppt) or by weight (parts per thousand or 0/00). That is, a salinity of 35 ppt meant 35 pounds of salt per 1,000 pounds of seawater. Open ocean salinity is generally in the range from 32 to 37.
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