Definitions for "mains"
Keywords:  farm, manse, demesne, mansion, gaelic
The farm attached to a mansion house; a manse.
The home farm on an estate that is cultivated by or for the land-owner.
Mains (Scottish Gaelic: Mànas) in Scotland normally refers to farms. It is a pseudo-plural, actually being a Lowland Scots corruption of the French demesne, and so is never used in the form "Main", except occasionally "Main farm", although this usage is not traditional. A mains is the equivalent of a home farm, or sometimes even a manor in England, and was usually a larger farm on an estate, or at least the one with more fertile ground.
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The main brails of the mainsail.
A system of pipes for transporting gas within a distributing gas utility's retail service area to points of connection with consumer service pipes.
Large underground water or sewer pipes.
1) The tubing in a pneumatic control system that carries the supply pressure from the air supply equipment to the controllers. 2) Primary pipes (hydronic) or ducts (air side) between prime movers and branch distribution.
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The source of electrical power in a building; the wiring system of a building.
Main AC input source.
A term referring to the utility distribution system.
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1. The main speaker(s) for a room. 2. The output and/or control of a mixer which sends the signal to the main speakers (master control).
See main house speakers.
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Major Scale Makeup Gain