Definitions for "scale"
A ladder; a series of steps; a means of ascending.
The graduated series of all the tones, ascending or descending, from the keynote to its octave; -- called also the gamut. It may be repeated through any number of octaves. See Chromatic scale, Diatonic scale, Major scale, and Minor scale, under Chromatic, Diatonic, Major, and Minor.
Gradation; succession of ascending and descending steps and degrees; progressive series; scheme of comparative rank or order; as, a scale of being.
An incrustation deposit on the inside of a vessel in which water is heated, as a steam boiler.
To strip or clear of scale or scales; as, to scale a fish; to scale the inside of a boiler.
A coating or precipitate deposited on surfaces such as water pipes, steam boilers that are in contact with hard water. Water that contains carbonates or bicarbonates of calcium or magnesium are likely to cause scale when heated. ( 081)
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Hence, any layer or leaf of metal or other material, resembling in size and thinness the scale of a fish; as, a scale of iron, of bone, etc.
A small appendage like a rudimentary leaf, resembling the scales of a fish in form, and often in arrangement; as, the scale of a bud, of a pine cone, and the like. The name is also given to the chaff on the stems of ferns.
A small leaf, usually paper-like, and often found covering buds, bulbs and corms.
A mathematical instrument, consisting of a slip of wood, ivory, or metal, with one or more sets of spaces graduated and numbered on its surface, for measuring or laying off distances, etc., as in drawing, plotting, and the like. See Gunter's scale.
A series of spaces marked by lines, and representing proportionately larger distances; as, a scale of miles, yards, feet, etc., for a map or plan.
Relative dimensions, without difference in proportion of parts; size or degree of the parts or components in any complex thing, compared with other like things; especially, the relative proportion of the linear dimensions of the parts of a drawing, map, model, etc., to the dimensions of the corresponding parts of the object that is represented; as, a map on a scale of an inch to a mile.
One of the small, thin, membranous, bony or horny pieces which form the covering of many fishes and reptiles, and some mammals, belonging to the dermal part of the skeleton, or dermoskeleton. See Cycloid, Ctenoid, and Ganoid.
Small, scarious to coriaceous flattened bodies within the perianth, as in the Cyperaceae and Asteraceae.
A small, flattened, rigid, and circumscribed plate forming part of the external body of a fish.
P,S Under normal conditions, the process of epithelial maturation and keratinization provides a steady replacement of the epidermis. This takes about 21 days in the dog. In keratinization defects (primary lesion), the epithelial turnover rate may decrease to 3-4 days, giving rise to increased numbers of poorly differentiated cells shed from the skin surface. Aggregates of these are visible as scale. The same keratinization defects may affect the sebaceous glands, giving rise to increased oiliness as well. Scaliness and oiliness are secondary features of many diseases, including bacterial skin disease, ectoparasitism, endocrine dermatoses, and hypersensitivity dermatoses.
a thin flake of dead epidermis shed from the surface of the skin
a flat plate or flake of stratum corneum
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The thin oxide which forms on the surface of iron forgings. It consists essentially of the magnetic oxide, Fe3O4. Also, a similar coating upon other metals.
A build up of material that forms on the die cavity surface during the operation of the die casting die. The build-up material is usually a combination of the oxide of the metal being cast and the parting material. The scale leaves an imprint on the casting and in extreme instances can even change dimensions on the casting.
(1) Thick oxide coating on material normally associated with hot working. (2) Deposit formed from solution directly in place upon a confining surface.
The dish of a balance; hence, the balance itself; an instrument or machine for weighing; as, to turn the scale; -- chiefly used in the plural when applied to the whole instrument or apparatus for weighing. Also used figuratively.
To weigh or measure according to a scale; to measure; also, to grade or vary according to a scale or system.
A machine used to weigh products.
The thin metallic side plate of the handle of a pocketknife. See Illust. of Pocketknife.
To take off in thin layers or scales, as tartar from the teeth; to pare off, as a surface.
To separate and come off in thin layers or laminæ; as, some sandstone scales by exposure.
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The minimum amount of money a writer must be paid for their work, if the employer has signed a contract with the Writer's Guild of America (WGA).
Writing for payment on the minimum rates set forth in the Writers Guild of America Minimum Basic Agreement. Basic rate is scale plus 10 percent in order to include the commission that the writer's agent will receive.
Scale refers to the minimum amount that the signatory companies must pay a WGA writer, per the MBA. Scale varies widely depending on the nature of the work and the budget of the project. You can find all of the scale amounts in the Schedule of Minimums
relative magnitude; "they entertained on a grand scale"
a great thing if you put it into perspective
To multiply by a number, called the 'scalar'. Scaling a vector is done by scaling each of its coordinates.
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A scale insect. (See below.)
Small inconspicuous sucking insects. There ar ...
( Prickly Pear) - an infestation by a prolific group of homopterous insects with winged males and wingless, scale-covered females that attach themselves to a host plant. The young suck the juices out of the plant.
A quantitative research tool measuring the "degree" of respondents’ opinion. Scales are typically 5 or 7 points and range from highly negative to highly positive. On a 5-point agreement scale, for example, 1 would stand for "strongly disagree" while 5 would stand for "strongly agree." The actual language used for the scale depends on the question asked. Participants can record attitudes on an agreement scale (as illustrated above), give ratings on a satisfaction scale (highly dissatisfied to highly satisfied), or purchase plans on a likelihood to buy scale (very unlikely to very likely). Many different scales are commonly used.
an accurate representation of my weight
the quantitative representation of a variable.
(1) A rule of graduated dimensions (2) A device on process cameras for mechanical focusing of images.
Resize the view of the object or scene. Scale will make the object or scene appear larger or smaller.
A rule of graduated dimensions; a device on process cameras for mechanical focusing of images; the ratio of enlargement or reduction of an original to the final reproduction; a table of percentages.
a slider control used to select a numeric value
a slider that can be horizontal or vertical
a widget that displays a rectangular region and a small slider
Hence, anything graduated, especially when employed as a measure or rule, or marked by lines at regular intervals.
An aggregate measure that assigns a value to a case based on a pattern obtained from a group of related measures.
A test; a group of linked questions that can be added together to form a measure of one thing.
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The handle material applied to the side of a knife.
The handle parts on each side of a full tang straight knife or the parts on the sides of a pocket knife or folder.
To remove the scales from the skin of a fish using a dull knife or a special kitchen tool called a fish scaler.
To clean, as the inside of a cannon, by the explosion of a small quantity of powder.
Graduation on a measuring instrument, showing the divisions of a whole of values, especially on a dial, bezel. The scales mostly used in horology are related to the following measuring devices: tachometer (s.) (indicating the average speed), telemeter (s.) (indicating the distance of a simultaneously luminous and acoustic source, e.g. a cannon-shot or a thunder and related lightning), pulsometer (to calculate the total number of heartbeats per minute by counting only a certain quantity of them). For all of these scales, measuring starts at the beginning of the event concerned and stops at its end; the reading refers directly to the chronograph second hand, without requiring further calculations.
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fleshy formations that may eventually become woody, arranged like leaves of tree around a central axis, but placed very close to one another to form a cone
Ecaille Skala, f Escama One of the fleshy parts which makes up the true bulb.
Reoffering yields for each maturity of a serial bond issue.
To reduce or enlarge artwork or photographs.
to reduce or enlarge the amount of space an image will occupy.
To figure the percent by which an image is enlarged or reduced.
an indication of thepotential volume percent of alcohol that may beproduced through fermentation based on the complete conversion ofthe sugar originally present in the solution
an indication of the potential (volume) percent of alcohol that may be produced through fermentation based on the complete conversion of the sugar originally present in the solution
shortcoming solution stress sufficient
One of the small scalelike structures covering parts of some invertebrates, as those on the wings of Lepidoptera and on the body of Thysanura; the elytra of certain annelids. See Lepidoptera.
Shingle-like covering on the membrane of the wing that gives butterflies and moths their colorful patterns.
The array of calibrated marks from which the input quantity may be read and interpreted.
Factor used to calibrate a voltage signal. Transonic ultrasound flowprobes operate in either of two scales; low flow or normal flow scale determined by the range of flow under study.
an instrument of deception
The mathematical design of the lengths(and other details) of the strings for an instrument.
Scale Length Scene
shameware SOA records SSNB Subversion
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To scatter; to spread.
To separate; to scatter.
Small places which are scattered throughout the body of the fish. They are the primary source of protection for most fish. May also refer to calcium plaques or build-up on an aquarium.
The subdivisions of each axis. Scale may be numerical or categorical. See sample graph
Choice of increments and range of numbers on an axis.
The scale defines which range of values to display on the chart, and is defined for each axis of the chart.
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A coating created on metal by chemical reactions; in this case, a coating in a pipe created by chemical reactions with produced water combined with seawater.
Contamination adhered to internal wall of pipes, and usually it indicates piles of minute solid particles, CaCO2, or MgCO2.
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a must for me since I'm a statistics kind of guy (KIM calls me a statistics god-lol)
The natural frequency of either an observation or a holon (Allen and Starr 1982)
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See zoom.
The zoom factor of the Navigation Mode screen. When the compass rose is displayed, the scale is the distance from the center of that screen to the edge of the compass rose.
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SCFM Schedule
A balance on one leg, with the other leg raised backwards, sideways or forwards and the upper body lowered slightly.
In acrobatics, when the leg is raised high and held with one hand while standing. Typically done to the side. Similar to leg shouldering to the side (See: "leg shouldering"), excpet the leg isn't high enough to touch the shoulder. The position shown is very close to being leg shouldering to the side.
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The sign or constellation Libra.
A condition wherein unreinforced, cured resin particles exit the die on the surface of the part.
White, gray or brownish spots on surfaces or equipment caused by water that's out of balance.
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a great tool, particularly for a young driver working with a veteran crew chief
a helpful tool to give the patient a frame of reference for communicating the extent of pain
an invaluable tool
Urban designers typically emphasize the importance of human scale in successful environments. Considerations of human scale include building height and bulk regulations to ensure that new development and redevelopment efforts are pedestrian-oriented and compatible with the existing built environment.
a metal sheathing of uniform thickness (such as the shield attached to an artillery piece to protect the gunners)
Values given to student performance. Scales may be applied to individual items or performances, for example, checklists, i.e., yes or no; numerical, i.e., 1-6; or descriptive, i.e., the student presented multiple points of view to support her essay. Scaled scores occur when participants' responses to any number of items are combined and used to establish and place students on a single scale of performance.
an utterly arbitrary exercise, if there even is a line to be drawn at all
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Minimum payment for services under union contracts.
This usually means payment of the union's minimum rate according to the contract signed by the producer. Being paid scale for 1 day of work on a SAG contract is--I think--around $750 for a speaking role.
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reach the highest point of; "We scaled the Mont Blanc"
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Each square on the position indicator is 100 metres, hence about 18 squares make a nautical mile, and a cable is just under two squares.
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rhymes with mail): to climb
an absolute necessity for monitoring the progress of the diet
either the face plane of a brush subdivided for lights (compiling "making scales"), or how large the texture is stretched on the face plane (scaling the texture).
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See Scale, Railroad.
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a path from somewhere in the music to somewhere else
an example of something that can be played serially
a way that something is set up to do
Something a performer does to heights (c.f., see "plumb").
intensity of an event over a given geographical area.
refers to the geographic area and data resolution under examination in an assessment or planning effort.
SCALE is an on-line service run by the Commonwealth Attorney General's Department. It is a Status based database containing Commonwealth legislation and cases.
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an extension of Dominic's will, and of God's truth
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Defines image scale (arc-sec/pixel)
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The array of indicating marks and figure in relation to which the position of an index is observed, i.e. a scale plate on a recorder.
Tiny, plate-like structures appearing on leaves and other plant parts.
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A basis for a numeral system; as, the decimal scale; the binary scale, etc.
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Scale in the computing field is used as a verb.
The range of permissible values for a category.
The range of scores possible for the student to achieve on a test or an assessment. Performance assessments typically use a 4- to 6-point scale, compared to a scale of 100 or more with traditional multiple-choice tests.
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The number of digits in the fractional part of a number.
Payment of different rates of interest on CDs of varying maturities. A bank is said to "post a scale." Commercial paper dealers also post scales.
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Standard wage levels for a given type of job, used by companies, unions, and the government.
A scale is a peripheral device used to record the weight of an item and transmit the amount to a computer for processing.
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a set formula, with a named root or starting point
an ordered reference standard; "judging on a scale of 1 to 10"
A means for determining the quality level of the evidence
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A numbering system used to order or rank values
A component that allows you to select a value from a continuous range of values.
an index where elements are weighted differently
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Union rate of pay that is determined by contract.
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The scale of a source document.