Definitions for "Cladding"
A corrosion-resistant tube (commonly aluminum, zirconium alloy, or stainless steel) surrounding the reactor fuel pellets which provides protection from a chemically reactive environment and containment of fission products.
The material surrounding the core of a fiber optic cable. The cladding must have a lower index of refraction than the core in order to contain the light in the core.
Cladding is one of two pieces that make up a fiber optic cable; the other piece is a glass core. A plastic coating covers the fiber. The glass cladding has a lower refractive index than the core, and reflects the light signal as it propagates down the fiber.
The non-loadbearing stone that is used as the facing material in wall construction and also contains other materials.
A material used to cover the exterior wall of a building.
The material that covers the exterior of a window or door frame and/or sash. It offers better durability and lower maintenance than other exterior finishes.
Mechanical process of metal strip over rod/wire
Is the metal sheath in which nuclear fuel is sealed to form fuel pins. It allows heat generated during fission to be conducted to the coolant but seals in the radioactive fission products. The cladding for PWR fuel consists of long tubes of zirconium alloy.
In a nuclear reactor, the metal shell of the fuel rod in which uranium oxide pellets are stacked.
A thin layer of metal foil bonded to a substrate to form the conductive PCB pattern.
A method of applying a layer of metal over another metal whereby the junction of the two metals is continuously welded.
A relatively thick layer of ( 0.04" ) of different material applied by surface welding for the purpose of improving corrosion or heat resistance.
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(Construction) Gypsum panels, gypsum bases, gypsum sheathing, cement board, etc. applied to framing.
(Also sometimes called 'sidings') Extruded PVC-U boards used extensively in the building industry as outdoor weather-resistant façade panels.
Sometimes referred to as “sidings,” it is extruded PVC-U boards that are used as outdoor weather-resistant façade panels.
The structural covering used directly over studs, rafters or trusses
cover of facade set up by mechanical fixation. Light facade with single or double skin with integrated insulation.
A facade or decorative cover added to an existing sign pole or base that is installed well after the rest of the sign is built.
Protective sacrificial overlay. Cladding can wear away without affecting a structure's strength.