Definitions for "GALVANIZED STEEL"
Keywords:  zinc, rust, corrosion, dip, unpainted
A zinc-coated steel used to help prevent rust and corrosion on many major painted panels and in key unpainted areas of a vehicle.
Steel that is coated with zinc to aid in corrosion resistance. Galvanized steel for use in roofing should be Hot-Dipped Galvanized with a G-90 (1.25 oz/s.f.) coating.
Steel coated with a thin layer of zinc, either by the hot-dipping or electrolytic deposition process, to provide corrosion resistance. Sheet steel normally must be cold-rolled prior to the galvanizing stage. Materials electrolytically galvanized are not used for corrosion resistant applications without subsequent chemical treatment and painting except in mild corrosive conditions, due to the thin coating of zinc. Galvanize is a pure zinc coating.