Definitions for "Anodising"
Anodising is a surface treatment which is used to give the aluminium product additional protection against corrosion, decorative surfaces with resistant colour and gloss, electrical insulating surfaces or foundations for gluing or painting. Anodising is an electro-chemical process that strengthens the natural oxide shift.
Anodising is a process in which the normal thin layer of oxide on the surface of aluminium is artificially thickened to give it added protection from corrosion. It is done by making aluminium the anode in an electrolysis cell in which dilute sulphuric is electrolysed.
A process, which produces a hard, abrasion-resistant, protective oxide film on the surface of aluminium or its oxides. This film is able to absorb and retain certain dyes, making it ideal for 'colour anodising' or 'aluprinting'.
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