Definitions for "Passivity"
There are no longer disqualifications for passivity in international wrestling. The officiating team can call an unlimited number of passivity calls. Wrestlers will be permitted to place the passive opponent in the down "par terre" position or continue the bout in a standing position after each passivity call.
Stalling; adopting a "negative" approach to a bout by appearing to avoid the action.
The quality or condition of any substance which has no inclination to chemical activity; inactivity.
the trait of remaining inactive; a lack of initiative
The condition of a metal that retards its normal reaction in a specified environment and associated, with the assumption of a potential more noble than its normal potential. Passivating : Imparting passivity to a metal surface usually by dipping it into a medium (such as preparations containing chromic and / or phosphoric acid) forming a very thin protective surface film. Peeling : The detachment or partial detachment of an electrodeposited coating form a basis metal or undercoat.
Apathy; disinterest; listlessness.
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the state of being passive and uninterested.
The tendency of a body to remain in a given state, either of motion or rest, till disturbed by another body; inertia.
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Another name for passive obstruction.
submission to others or to outside influences
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Passiveness; -- opposed to activity.