Definitions for "Tinplate"
Stamped-steel (usually) surfaces which have been coated with a layer of tin to prevent rust and corrosion. Most toy train track is tinplated, and this term has, by extension, commonly been used to refer to all toy trains and their operators ("Tinplaters").
Steel plate (canmaking quality black plate) to which a specified weight of pure tin is applied by an electrolytic or hot dip tinning process.
Tin-coated cold rolled sheet in nominal thicknesses from 0.17 to 0.49 mm, double reduced tinplate from 0.14 to 0.29 mm in mild unalloyed steel to EN 10203. The tin is deposited electrolytically on one or both sides in the same or different coating thicknesses ("differential coating"). Coating weights staggered from 1.0 to 10 g/m² per side. An additional paint coat can enhance corrosion resistance. Used mostly in the packaging industry (with high recycling rates!), also for household goods and toys. Technical delivery conditions in DIN 10205.