Definitions for "Chrome"
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Same as Chromium.
Chrome takes a high, lustrous finish. A softly brushed chrome finish simulates stainless steel, but without the durability and depth.
A type of finish usually applied to parts of a camera. It could be a matt or bright finish. Generally, but not exclusively, found post 1945. Important on certain cameras, like Leica, which were often made in both chrome and black finishes.
Slang term for slides or transparencies.
A color transparency named after brands such as Kodachrome, Ektachrome, Agfachrome and Fujichrome.
A term for a transparency.
A wheel that has been chromed by AAA Rims. These wheels do not come chromed from the factory as an option.
A chromed wheel that is offered from the manufacturer as an option.
Chrome was one of the first industrial musical groups. At its core, Chrome consisted of Helios Creed (guitar) and Damon Edge (Drums and synthesizers), although it was formed by Gary Spain (bass, guitar, vocals) and Edge in 1976. At that time the band also included John Lambdin (vocals, guitar and bass) and Mike Low (guitar, synth, and bass).
Chrome is a rapper from North Memphis, Tennessee's Frayser area, the same neighborhood of fellow H.C.P member, Frayser Boy. Chrome is signed to the Hypnotize Minds record label, which is owned by Three 6 Mafia.
n. 1) Flash, glitter, bells and whistles, tinsel. Material used to spice up the appearance of something. 2) Sexy features on a program, not needed for functionality but radiating style (e.g. a guillotine instead of a trash can icon). 3) Generic reference to cyberware.
Color, combining hue and saturation.
a color photograph postcard.
Colour, combining hue and saturation.
Chrome (Allen Marc YuricOfficial Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z #1 (2006)) is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. He was a member of the Acolytes who first appeared in X-Men vol. 2 #1.
Chrome is a first person shooter computer game by Techland, released in 2003 by the publisher Strategy First. A prequel, , has been released in 2005. In March 2006, Techland announced a sequel, which will feature the latest version of the Chrome Engine.
The "look and feel" of a card, and the story behind it - what makes a card more than just the mechanics. Chrome includes the title, subtitle, art and the tag line.
n. A mechanic or mechanics added to a game to support the theme or make it feel more realistic.
n. A mechanism or mechanisms added to a game to support the theme or make it feel more realistic.
Chrome normally occurs in two forms, trivalent and hexavalent chrome. Trivalent chrome is both a health hazard and an allergen. Hexavalent chrome is thought to be able to cause cancer and is both a health hazard and an allergen (when it is inhaled). It is important to remember that the chrome that is extracted from a mine never disappears but will always be somewhere in the ecosystem. It could, for example, end up in the ground water under a landfill and then travel to the sea where it ends up in the fish we eat.
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"Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" gun
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An app's XUL files usually packed up in a jar.
Chrome is a programming language for the Common Language Infrastructure developed by RemObjects Software. Chrome is Object Pascal based.
To treat with a solution of potassium bichromate, as in dyeing.
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US term used by auctioneers and in sales ads to describe the white markings of a horse.
Manipulate Traffic Signals by Remote Control
The interface elements of a browser, or any other program, that create the frame around the window that displays pages.