Definitions for "Displays"
devices which allow users to see the computer's output on a monitor. PC displays have developed over the years yielding greater definition and more colours. Starting with the least sophisticated, the current standards are: MDA, Hercules, CGA, MCGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA and EVGA.
A variety of display types are available within Motorola's mobile phone product line: Back-lit display - This refers to the light in the display of phones, which lights up in varying conditions. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) - Easy viewing in all lighting conditions. Uses dark segments against a lighter background. The characters in this type of display are black, on a grey background. They are lit up by a light shining onto the display from above. Colour LCD - Reverses the display image, making it possible to create coloured, luminous segments. Provides clearer, crisper, bolder-looking characters that are easy to read. LED (Light Emitting Display) - Light emitting displays are big and bright. They provide excellent visibility in direct sunlight and in darkness. VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) - This display retains visibility in direct sunlight and is highly visible in darkness. It can be seen without distortion over a wide range of viewing angles and remains fully operational over a broad temperature range.
Flat panel displays, cathode-ray tubes and related technologies which emphasize cost-effective increases in screen size, resolution, and image quality. Technologies include liquid crystal, electroluminescent, plasma and vacuum fluorescent.
set of behaviours that are ritualized and have become a signal - stereotyped form (often exaggerated) and repeated, always at same intensity - to release tension, intimidate others, keep others out of your range - eg. gorilla chest beating, chimpanzee greeting - behaviour comes from autonomic responses, intention movements, and displacement activities
sequences of repetitious behaviors that communicate certain emotions. Most often refers to agression when discussing non-human primates.
Any or all exhibits of matchcovers, full books or matchboxes, and collections at a convention or gathering of matchcover collectors.
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Displays, point of purchase (POP) displays, acrylic display cases, pop display cases & sign holders.