Definitions for "Pop"
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point of presence. (n.) The physical access location interface between a local exchange carrier and the main network. The point to which the telephone company terminates a subscriber's circuit for long distance service or leased line communications.
The specific physical place where you make connection to the Internet.
(2006-01-16) Chris Limb acronym for either ost ffice rotocol (protocol used to send and receive email not supported at Sussex) or oint resence (location of an ISP's access point to the Internet)
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When the crowd cheers loudly for something. Example: "The crowd popped huge when he hit a flying elbow onto the Masked Invader's detached head."
n, v.i. sudden heat from a house as a response to a wrestler's entry or hot move.
A loud sudden heat from a house as a response to a wrestler's entry or hot move.
An undesirable short duration microphone output, often caused by explosive exhalation of air during the formation of certain vocal sounds.
A thump of explosive breath sound produced when a puff of air from the mouth strikes the micro-phone diaphragm. Occurs most often with "p", "t", and "b" sounds.
A thump or a little explosive sound heard when an individual says words having a "p", "t", or "b", which is caused by a puff of air forced from the mouth and striking the microphone diaphragm. This situation can be corrected by the use of a "pop filter", that attenuates the "pop" disturbance before it strikes the microphone's diaphragm.
See spawn.
Often used shorted term for re-spawn of monsters.
term used when a monster or NPC spawn
To enter, or issue forth, with a quick, sudden movement; to move from place to place suddenly; to dart; -- with in, out, upon, off, etc.
To thrust or push suddenly; to offer suddenly; to bring suddenly and unexpectedly to notice; as, to pop one's head in at the door.
Like a pop; suddenly; unexpectedly.
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Public Offering Price. The price at which a new issue of securities is offered to the public by underwriters (open-end mutual funds are new issue securities). In the case of a load mutual fund, this price is the net asset value (NAV) plus the sales charge. In the case of a no-load fund, it is the NAV.
Public Offering Price. Cost of individual shares of a mutual fund equal to the net asset value plus sales charge. Also known as Ask Price.
Public Offering Price. The price of a new issue of security at the time that the issue is offered to the public. For a mutual fund, the POP is its net asset value, plus any initial sales charge (if applicable).
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A small, sharp, quick explosive sound or report; as, to go off with a pop.
To make a pop, or sharp, quick sound; as, the muskets popped away on all sides.
A midrange pulse characterized by a very sharp attack followed by a short "o" or "aw" vowel sound. Usually the result of a severe LP blemish.
drops the top element of the stack.
to remove the top (most recent) instruction from a stack (a list of instructions).
The act of forcing a window to the top of the stacking order for sibling windows.
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1. the dog stops his hunt or line of travel and looks to the handler for assistance on a mark or blind; 2. firing a gun to accompany a thrown mark.
When a dog stops and looks back to the handler for guidance or direction without being commanded. A bad thing.
When a dog stops and looks back to the handler for guidance or direction without being commanded by a whistle. Not a desirable trait
Abbreviation for principal oscillation patterns. In linear cases, PIPs reduce to damped normal modes or POPs, that represent the eigenoscillations of the reduced linear dynamical system. See Hasselmann (1988) and Hasselmann (1993).
Picture-Out of-Picture. As PIP but not superimposed over received image.
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To burst open with a pop, when heated over a fire; as, this corn pops well.
To cause to pop; to cause to burst open by heat, as grains of Indian corn; as, to pop corn or chestnuts.
A short, fast burst of noise that makes a popping sound.
Probability of Precipitation. The likelihood of a precipitation event occurring at any given point in the forecast area. A precipitation event is the occurrence of a measurable amount (0.01 inch or greater) of liquid moisture falling during a specific period in the forecast area. As guidance, an expression of uncertainty and areal qualifying terms would have the following relationship to POP values... POP Statement Value Expression of Uncertainty Equivalent Areal Qualifier20% slight chance isolated, few 20% slight chance few, widely scattered 30-40% chance scattered 50% good chance scattered 60-70% likely numerous 80-100% no remark no remark
1. Probability of Precipitation 2. In Pittsburgh used as a name to describe soda
PROBABILITY OF PRECIPITATION. The chance for at least .01 inch of rain or .01 inch liquid equivalent of frozen precipitation at any one location.
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protected object policy. A type of security policy that dictates additional conditions for accessing a protected resource after a successful ACL policy check. Examples of POPs include time-of-day access and quality of protection level.
PROOF OF PURCHASE. May consist of a box or wrapping tear-off portion, UPC symbol, cash register receipt or other. Sometimes required from consumers to give them access to a retailer's special offer.
protected object policy. A type of security policy that imposes additional conditions on the operation permitted by the ACL policy to access a protected object. It is the responsibility of the resource manager to enforce the POP conditions. See also ACL policy, authorization rule, protected object, and protected object space.
Abbreviation for the anti-comic book volume, Parade of Pleasure.
Abbreviation for the "anti-comic book" book PARADE OF PLEASURE.
abbreviation of "popular song."
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Or popular music a broad genre of upbeat music which includes girl bands (Spice Girls), boy bands (Westlife) solo females (Kylie) and solo males (Robbie Williams).
A genre of music characterized by contemporary lyrics, standard chord patterns, and electronic instruments.
verb, "schioccare, scoppiettare, scoppiare, esplodere, sparare"
A nonalcoholic carbonated beverage; -- so called because it expels the cork with a pop from the bottle containing it; as, ginger pop; lemon pop, etc.
Pop is another word for soda, soft drinks, and carbonated beverages. In various regions of the United States soft drinks are referred to by different names. For more information visit Regardless of what you call it, Vending Solutions is able to provide a variety of pop vending machines and great products to go in them. Associated Terms: Pop machine, pop machines, pop vending, pop vending machine, pop vending machines, pop vendor, pop vendors.
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Preist Archetype
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To murder someone.
to murder; see burn
A facility where telecommunications companies house servers, routers, switches and other communications equipment. Core and edge network functions are implemented on systems within a PoP. Telcos commonly operate hundreds of PoPs within major metropolitan areas.
Telecommunication service providers such as BT and C&W need to terminate their links on the customer's premises. A PoP is the set of equipment, owned by the provider, that contains the primary termination equipment. On the customer's side, the PoP links to a variety of equipment such as PABX, routers, data switches, modems, etc.
Removal of the last label, by a router, from a packet as it exits an MPLS domain.
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Pop is the ninth studio album by Irish rock band U2, released in March 1997. It is notable for combining elements of popular nineties techno with traditional U2 alternative guitar rock. Although an early commercial success at the time of its release — it reached number one in 32 countries, including the UK and the US — its lifetime sales are among the lowest in U2's catalogue and it was only certified RIAA platinum once, the first time since the band's album October.
to split a nodule into 2 halves
A television feature that allows you to view two or more (depending on the type of POP capability the set has) TV channels simultaneously by dividing the television display into halves.
Term meaning popular, used to describe design and artwork developed in the 1950's and 1960's that drew its inspiration from commercial art such as product packaging, comic strips, etc. (think Andy Warhol).
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To drop items when PKed because you didn't fully loot your corpse
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A controlled pushing upward motion by a base to increase the height of the flyer or to release the flyer to a cradle position (an as­sisted prep).
A form of audio distortion that is caused by excessive breath sounds entering the mike during speaking or singing. The initial consonants B and P are known for causing pops. Popping can be reduced by keeping the mike below the breath stream (slightly below the chin) and/or moving the mike farther from the mouth. Some people, because of the characteristics of their speech, are very prone to popping and must take special precautions.
Picture outside picture. A feature of some wide screen displays that uses the unused area around a picture to show additional pictures.
Picture Outside Picture. A feature of some widescreen displays that shows pictures in the unused area around a 4:3 video.
A slang term used to describe the change in the appearance of a floor finish when it goes from a dull hazy look to a bright brilliant shine. High speed burnishers can produce this "wet look".
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The European redwing.
abbreviation for "population". Used in reference to the population, or number, of coins graded or certified by a grading service for a specific date or mintmark. Example, "the PCGS pop for MS69 2003 silver eagles is 3,500".
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Principles of Pharmacology
Self-resurrect - i.e. a Shaman can use his reincarnation ability to "pop" after dying.
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dBase Popup Menu
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Compensatory Gain.
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A pistol, or pawning something.
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See cavitation
Pop culture emerged with the invention of mass media. It is not the same thing as folk culture. Pop culture is inherently commercialistic and therefore inferior to folk or art culture.
The school prefects, more properly known as The Eton Society.
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the extension or snap at the lip of the jump that sets the trick in motion
The body extension at the start of the jump that sets the flip in motion.
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Pokémon Organized Play
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Plaster of Paris.
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See "Co-cola"
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Has a catchy melody and relatively simple rhythm.
Proof of pickup. A paper record of a shipment being picked up, as listed on the courier pickup route sheet, that is also used in cases of a claim or trace.
Application to control purchasing by collating requisitions, raising purchase orders, receiving goods into stock and matching purchase invoices.
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To eat or swallow; -- of food, especially snacks, in small pieces; as, he popped a whole can of peanuts while watching the movie.
public offering price. A mutual fund share's purchase price, including sales charges. qualified plan: A plan which the Internal Revenue Service approves as meeting the requirements of Section 401(a) of the 1954 Internal Revenue Code. Such plans receive tax advantages. rating agency: A firm which thoroughly evaluates all aspects of a company's operations in order to determine its financial quality and issues debt and claims-paying-ability ratings (e.g. Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's Corporation).
Pelvic Organ Prolapse. when the organs contained in the pelvic cavity drop downwards.
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Progestin Only Pills, commonly known as the mini-pill.
An interactive language designed by the Edinburgh Artificial Intelligence Group.
To let safety valve on boiler release, causing waste of steam, making a loud noise, and, when engine is working hard, raising water in boiler, thereby causing locomotive to work water.
(Premium-Only Plan) The most common form of cafeteria plan, which has only one objective: to permit employees to pay for their share of the premiums for certain insurance coverages (e.g., group health coverage) with pre-tax dollars.
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v. To remove an item from the top of a pushdown list.
A short fitting in a gutter sole, where rainwater leaves the gutter.
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Any exotic fuel blend.
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Short for population. Commonly used as a measure of the potential market for a cellular or PCS provider. The population in a market is referred to as a number of Pops.
Short for "population." One "pop" equals one person. In the cellular industry, systems are valued financially based on the population of the market served.
Slang for the handicap stroke that a player receives from a competitor.
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Under – Same as a popup but shown underneath the active browser window so as to be less disruptive to the user.
Persistent Organic Pollutant
Refers to promotional and/or display materials used to encourage single-copy sales.
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Protection Of Privacy.
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See Problem-Oriented Policing , , , , 14, 19, 46
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operation=to add a new item to one or other end of a sequential container.
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Starting climb for air-to-surface attack.
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Proof Of Product
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Windows on the screen can overlap each other. You can pop a window so it appears on top of other windows.
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See public offering price.
Public Offering Price. See Ask Price
The population of a market multiplied by the percentage ownership of that market.
One person living in a population area that, in whole or in substantial part, is included in a network's coverage area.
A term used when a module that is immediately below the Stream head is removed.
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This is when you release from the wake, you generate pop. Pop is also similar to the term "Air".
Persons of Population. This term is used to designate the number of potential subscribers in a market.
Project and Organization Planning session
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See Premium Only Plan
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Printed out of plant.
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See protected object policy.