Definitions for "Cola"
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A genus of sterculiaceous trees, natives of tropical Africa, esp. Guinea, but now naturalized in tropical America, esp. in the West Indies and Brazil.
Same as Cola nut, below.
a dark-colored carbonated soft drink flavored with extract of the cola nut, and often colored with caramel; also, any soft drink similar in color and flavor to a cola-flavored drink. The name was predominantly derived from the popular soft drink Coca-Cola.
a nonprofit organization working to promote excellence in the healthcare industry through programs of voluntary education, consultation, and accreditation
a nonprofit, physician-directed organization working to promote quality and excellence in medicine and patient care through programs of voluntary education, consultation, and accreditation
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line, queue. Criollo: Creole; Spaniard born in the Americas.
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An annual adjustment in wages to offset a change (usually a loss) in purchasing power, as measured by the Consumer Price Index. The Consumer Price Index is used rather than the Producer Price Index because the purpose is to offset inflation as experienced by the consumer, not the producer.
Cost-Of-Living Allowances
In many policies this is an option. Basically it takes into account an increase in the cost of living over time. This would be very important to have if you are going to buy a until you are 65 policy or a lifetime policy, as the cost of living will most certainly rise during that time, unless maybe you are fairly close to age 65 already.
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A sons of Andira, after whom was named the Coladesa
Consortium of Opposing Local Authorities CORWM Committee on Radioactive Waste Management
Central Section of the Office of Local Assistance
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a good idea, of course, belated though it is
Cola is a programming language similar to Java. It can be compiled into Parrot assembly language, and then run on the Parrot virtual machine.
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L. pl. of Colon.
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Center for Ocean-Land Atmospheric Studies
a scientific research center established to improve understanding and prediction of Earth's climate variations and to share both the fruits of this research and the tools necessary to carry out this research with society as a whole