Definitions for "Epazote"
eh-pah-ZOH-teh] An herb used in Mexican and American Southwestern cooking and as a medicinal tea. It is extremely pungent, with a kerosene-like aroma. It has flat, pointed leaves, is usually available dried (but fresh is best) and is popular in many bean dishes because of its anti-gas properties. Epazote is also grown in some places in the U.S., but it is not as pungent as the plant grown in Mexico. There are two different types of epazote plants grown in Mexico; it is a matter of individual preference on which one to use.
Strong, bitter perennial herb used primarily to flavor beans; also known as Mexican tea, stinkweed, pigweed, wormseed or goosefoot; occasionally mistaken for lamb's lettuce; grows wild in the United States and Mexico; flavor is intense, reminiscent of eucalyptus; used for tea, stews, soups, green pipiáns and moles; cooked with all types of beans to reduce their gaseous qualities.
A wild herb that grows all over North America. Used to flavor Mexican food soups and stews.
Es una hierba de color verde obscuro, de hojas largas. Olor muy particular ligeramente picante. Es de origen mexicano. Se utiliza mucho en la cocina mexicana para la elaboración de salsas para pescados, mariscos, carnes, frijoles. Ingrediente de muchos guisos y tamales. Poderoso anti-helmíntico.