Definitions for "Bay Leaves"
The fresh leaves are bitter which is why they are most often used in a dried. The leaves are added during cooking and removed from the food before serving. It is best to use the leaves whole, as they can then be more easily removed. Bay leaves are best in casseroles, roasted meats and grilled food.
dry leaves are available. They impart a strong taste. They are used sparingly. They go well in rice dishes.
Bay Leaves come from the sweet bay or laurel tree, known botanically as Laurus nobilis. The elliptical leaves of both trees are green, glossy, and grow up to 3 inches long.
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Mold ( MPM-V32) * Average of 5% or more pieces by weight are moldy Insect filth( MPM-V32) Average of 5% or more pieces by weight are insect-infested Mammalian excreta( MPM-V32) Average of 1 mg or more mammalian excreta per pound after processing DEFECT SOURCE: Mold - preharvest infection. Insect infestation - preharvest and/or post harvest and/or processing insect infestation. Mammalian excreta - post harvest and/or processing animal contamination SIGNIFICANCE: Aesthetic