Definitions for "Bay leaf"
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These leaves are used to flavor soups, stews, vegetables and meats, but be sure to remove them before serving. Fresh bay leaves are not widely available, but the dried variety can be found in most grocery stores.
Herb used to flavour stocks, soups, vegetables, meats or pilafs. Normally removed before serving. Also called Laurel leaf, bay laurel or tej patta.
Herb (dried whole leaves) Description: Leaves from the evergreen bay laurel tree. Also called bay laurel or laurel leaf. Flavor: Woodsy, pungent Uses: Meats, pickling, sauces, soups (see bouquet garni) and (see garam masala), stews, vegetables
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Bramley Apples
Uplifting. A good scalp and hair tonic, and for Respiratory disorders and depression. Can be stimulating to the memory.
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See under 3d Bay.