Definitions for "Chai"
tea, the national pastime of the Indian subcontinent
British Navy word for tea.
tea. Often refers to masala chai, or spiced tea, a strong black tea infused with milk, sugar, and spices.
winery, wine cellar, wine storehouse (especially in Bordeaux)
Term used mostly in Bordeaux for a place where wine is stored in barrels. France's Wine Terminology- Dallas Bartenders; Beverage Catering
French term for the building where wine is stored, most often at ground floor level, and in barrels.
Commission for Health Improvement and Audit (previously CHI)
The Commission for Healthcare Audit and Inspection (replacing CHI, NCSC & AC) in 4/04
Commission for Healthcare Audit and Improvement. UK government group.
Hebrew word for life.
Means 'life' -- a popular greeting is 'L'chayim' meaning 'to life.' In Jewish mysticism, the numeric value of words are often added up to find hidden meanings in words. The letters comprising "Chai' equal a total of 18, hence the practice of giving money and donations in increments of 18 dollars.
(KHAHY, rhymes with Hi!) Lit. living or life. The word is often used as a design on jewelry and other ornaments. Donations to charity are often made in multiples of 18, the numerical value of the word.
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Elul("the 18th of the month of Elul"): chassidic festival marking the birthday of the Baal Shem Tov (1698) and the Alter Rebbe (1745)
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an integral part of the leaf itself
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