Definitions for "Leaf"
A colored, usually green, expansion growing from the side of a stem or rootstock, in which the sap for the use of the plant is elaborated under the influence of light; one of the parts of a plant which collectively constitute its foliage.
A special organ of vegetation in the form of a lateral outgrowth from the stem, whether appearing as a part of the foliage, or as a cotyledon, a scale, a bract, a spine, or a tendril.
To shoot out leaves; to produce leaves; to leave; as, the trees leaf in May.
A part of a book or folded sheet containing two pages upon its opposite sides.
A side, division, or part, that slides or is hinged, as of window shutters, folding doors, etc.
The movable side of a table.
vertex of degree 1. Also known as a pendant vertex.
In a decision tree, a final node that is not split into further nodes.
A vertex in a graph with only 1 edge incident to it.
1) A pieces which extends a surface, such as a desk or tabletop. 2) A decorative motif, used in both realistic and conventional forms.
tabletop extension panel
A table top extension. Also a decorative motif, used in both realistic and conventional forms.
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a bot connecting to an other bot
a non-hub bot connecting to a hub-bot
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One of the teeth of a pinion, especially when small.
Each tooth of a cut pinion is called a leaf.
Leaf is a Japanese visual novel studio under the publisher AQUAPLUS (アクアプラス), and has offices in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, and Tokyo. It and its competitor Key (to which it is often compared) are the most popular and successful dedicated visual novel studios operating today. It was launched out of obscurity by its early release To Heart.
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popupid: leaf](Mapping) A 'chunk' of player space within the map which has been assigned surfaces. Compare: Leafnode.
a triangular area/wedge of the map used by VIS to determine line-of-sight thru portals to other leafs, so that the engine will know what wpolys to draw on screen. This relates to r_speeds, because if you can see from one leaf/portal into others, then all the wpolys in the other leafs are drawn by the game engine, and r_speed is affected.
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A portion of fat lying in a separate fold or layer.
is the layer of fat round the kidneys of a pig, but was then generalized to describe the internal fat of any animal.
a thing God blows in the air like a bird and a fat yeller cat caint catch it there
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Letterpress Lithography
a very illuminating model for the world to pause and reflect upon in our times
A single detached folio from a manuscript. It was common among collectors of the seventeenth to nineteenth century to cut individual leaves from manuscripts so that the illuminations could be displayed like paintings.
Each continuous vertical 90mm, 100mm or greater section or thickness of brickwork. Also called Skin and sometimes, incorrectly, WITHE (or Wythe).
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Law Enforcement Access Feature
Law Enforcement Access Field
Law Enforcement Agency Field a component in the Clipper Chip.
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Link between the Environment and Farming
Linking Environment and Farming
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an emblem of good fortune and good health
a little more difficult and a little less spectacular than a fern
Lancashire Environmental Action Fund
a composite object with one component, the element E
a fragile and delicate element that evolves and re-evolves through the seasons
In a tree structure, an element that has no subordinate elements.
a convenient way to explore this process without intimidating students who have not had much experience drawing or designing
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Something which is like a leaf in being wide and thin and having a flat surface, or in being attached to a larger body by one edge or end;
A very thin plate; as, gold leaf.
Any flat filter element that has or supports the filter septum.
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The inner or outer wall of a cavity wall construction.
One or two parallel walls that are tied together as a cavity wall
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Veneer leaf
a separate individual when it becomes conscious as a part, and it will cease to be an individual when it becomes conscious as the whole
Land Ecosystem Atmosphere Feedback
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an example of fault-tolerance
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The "flap" of a table, as in drop leaf table, or a piece of wood inserted into an extending table.
Intended to increase the horizontal surface of a table
Logistics Education Assistance Fund
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Large Effective Area Fiber. An optical fiber, developed by Corning, designed to have a large area in the core, which carries the light.
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What does a computer's hard disk have in common with a tall oak? While it may ...
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linked list
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See large effective area fiber.
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See metallic leaf.