Definitions for "Farming"
Staying at a specific location in hope for a specific monster to spawn and drop an item that the player is looking for.
A gaming term that refers to the act of gathering rewards (esp. equipment) repeatedly, usually for resale for personal gain.
Where a player camps on an area for the purpose of gathering respawned objects, they are said to be farming this respawn area. The usual purpose of this activity is to trade the items with other players.
Pertaining to agriculture; devoted to, adapted to, or engaged in, farming; as, farming tools; farming land; a farming community.
The business of cultivating land.
The management of the environment to produce to produce food. agriculture
a cooperative relationship between the small farmer and his/her customers
v.i. present participle of farm. the act (of a batsman) of inspecting and tapping the pitch lightly with the bat in order to smooth out small rough patches and irregularities; synonym of gardening.
Prospecting an area for buyers or sellers. (See geographic farming, nongeographic farming, prospecting)
Routinely maintaining merchandising standards through a store