Definitions for "Forest practice"
An activity related to the growing, protecting, harvesting, or processing of forest tree species.
The alteration of the forest either through tree removal or replacement in order to improve the timber, wildlife, recreational, or water quality values.
Forestry Operations & Water Quality] Any activity conducted on or directly pertaining to forestland and relating to growing, harvesting, or processing timber, including, but not limited to: Road and trail construction Harvesting, final and intermediate Precommercial thinning Reforestation Fertilization Prevention and suppression of diseases and insects Salvage of trees Control of vegetation Planting"Forest Practice" shall not include preparatory work such as tree marking, surveying, and road flagging; or removal or harvest of incidental vegetation from forestlands, such as berries, ferns, greenery, mistletoe, herbs, mushrooms, and other products which cannot normally be expected to result in damage to forest soils, timber, or public resources.