Definitions for "Forest"
An extensive wood; a large tract of land covered with trees; in the United States, a wood of native growth, or a tract of woodland which has never been cultivated.
A large extent or precinct of country, generally waste and woody, belonging to the sovereign, set apart for the keeping of game for his use, not inclosed, but distinguished by certain limits, and protected by certain laws, courts, and officers of its own.
To cover with trees or wood.
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Not necessarily woodland, but land reserved for the King's hunting; usually under Forest Law controlled for the Forester rather than the Sheriff foras
i.e. royal forest: lands reserved by the king for hunting and therefore put under a very severe code of forest laws, which provided a useful subsidiary source of royal income.
establish a forest on previously unforested land; "afforest the mountains"
a complex biological community, comprising plants, animals, birds, insects, fungi and micro-organisms, all interacting with each other, and with the soils, local climate and hydrological systems
a complex life system
a complex natural system that provides a diverse flow of valuable services, goods, and experiences to people
Forest is the seventh album of pianist George Winston.
"Forest" is the eighth song on System of a Down's second album, Toxicity. It is 4 minutes and 2 seconds long, the longest on the album aside from Aerials. The title appears in the line "Walk with me my little child/To the forest of denial" and "Take this promise for a ride/You saw the forest, now come inside."
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a community and many lives depend on it
a community of many living things
a Home Kinda Fonda Ponds Mother Earth Clean Forever More Some Things We Need to Think About Words and music by Randy Mauger CHORUS - Earth Day, the perfect way to remind ourselves
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a concatenation
a fascinating world of contradictions
an ideal example of good soil structure
a vibrant and mysterious place that gives us the air we breathe and nurtures the thin layer of soil that gives us our food
an example of a disjointed namespace
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see Del Monte Forest.
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a graph in which any two vertices are connected by at most one path
a graph that has no cycles
a subgraph of G that has no cycles
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FOREST, which describes itself as the "voice and friend of the smoker", is a United Kingdom political pressure group that campaigns for the right of people to smoke tobacco and opposes attempts to ban or reduce tobacco consumption, as well as casting doubt on medical claims of the health risks of smoking.
Within the next 100 years many forest species may be forced to migrate between 100 and 340 miles in the direction of the poles. The upper end of this range is a distance typically covered by migrating forests in millennia, not in decades. A decline in species composition is predicted and some forest types may disappear from the earth, while new ones may be established.
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Of or pertaining to a forest; sylvan.
a kind of recyclable natural resource, cultivating the biodiversity in it
a place that is constantly being changed by natural processes
a group of Active Directory domains
a set of Active Directory domains that replicate their databases with each other
a single instance of an Active Directory deployment and by definition is administratively autonomous from any other Active Directory deployment within the organization
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a rough and dark terrain
a collection of one or more domains. All domains in the forest share a single schema and a single Configuration container. The Configuration container has information about the network topology.
a complicated ecological system
a treasure, it is so valuable for the future generations, yet it remains very threatened
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a Magic Spot
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a set of contiguous sites (i
a three-monthly edition, launching new products and ideas
A player who has three threes.
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a collection of black parental nodes and black terminal nodes having no black parent
a list of zero or more nodes
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a huge battery of stored solar energy
a very busy place curriculum support document
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a set of arcs which does not contain any circuit
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a single organism