Definitions for "busy"
Officious; meddling; foolish active.
intrusive in a meddling or offensive manner; "an interfering old woman"; "bustling about self-importantly making an officious nuisance of himself"; "busy about other people's business"
Cluttered image on the screen.
overcrowded or cluttered with detail; "a busy painting"; "a fussy design"
Engaged in some business; hard at work (either habitually or only for the time being); occupied with serious affairs; not idle nor at leisure; as, a busy merchant.
To make or keep busy; to employ; to engage or keep engaged; to occupy; as, to busy one's self with books.
actively or fully engaged or occupied; "busy with her work"; "a busy man"; "too busy to eat lunch"; "the line is busy"
Constantly at work; diligent; active.
Crowded with business or activities; -- said of places and times; as, a busy street.
crowdedwith or characterized by much activity; "a very busy week"; "a busy life"; "a busy street"; "a busy seaport"
Keywords:  anxious, careful
Careful; anxious.
Too many elements in a design that may confuse the viewer's eye.
An ad containing too much information or too many graphic elements, and not properly balanced.
A scene that contains an inordinate amount of activity or distracting background elements.
When a phone line or service is used being used by someone.
In use, otherwise known as "Off-Hook". There are slow busies and fast busies. Slow busies are when the phone at the other end is busy or off-hook. They happen 60 times a minute. Fast busies, 120 times a minute, occur when the network is congested with too many calls.
Renders the attached phone line inoperative; outside calls get a busy signal
Describes a consultants flow diagram which is purposefully as complicated as possible such that the discussion process will never finish.
Use busy to schedule service calls to customers while keeping the customer details and service call notes in a postgres database on another machine. Written in Java, the client should work on any machine that supports Java.
keep busy with; "She busies herself with her butterfly collection"
(of a card) needed to prevent an opponent's winner or for some other specific purpose.
The state of a domain that is not available, but is either running or waiting. See also "Domain states".