Definitions for "business-to-business"
B2B. A transaction that occurs between a company and another company, as opposed...
Business-to-business (B2B) electronic commerce covers a broad range of business activities. For example, B2B systems exchange business documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, between pairs of partners in a supply chain. They implement a virtual marketplace (e-marketplaces or exchanges), wherein a single large manufacturer can consolidate the purchase of the goods that are the input to its manufacturing process from many smaller companies. Such a marketplace may enable a large retailer to purchase the goods that it sells in its stores. Or, marketplaces can become trading marts or exchanges for commodity products or the range of products of a given type or associated with a particular industry segment. B2B systems also automate the purchase of goods that support business' maintenance, repair and operation (MRO).
Expression describing a type of advertising campaign or medium by means of which businesses communicate with other businesses. This type of advertising contrasts with consumer advertising, as the prime targets of business-to-business media and campaigns are companies or individuals with certain responsibilities within companies. There are a number of major sub-categories of business-to-business advertising, including corporate, announcement, sales support and lead generation, although some commentators have suggested that corporate advertising should not be regarded as a form of business-to-business. Beginning| Back to B| Go to D| End
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A term describing the communication between businesses in the selling of goods and services to each other. The software infrastructure to enable this is referred to as an exchange.
A business that involves selling products or services to other businesses.
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Marketing efforts directed from one business to another.