Definitions for "BPO"
Business Process Optimization Content Management System (CMS) Usually a browser-based solution for authoring (text, links, images etc.), publishing and managing content for the web and other media. See also Web Content Management System (WCMS). For example Magnolia is a mid-range CMS.
Business Process Optimization Collaborative Commerce Logistics companies, retailers and suppliers share information to optimize the supply chain efficiency.
The delegation of one or more IT-intensive business processes to an external provider that, in turn, owns, administers and manages the selected processes, based on defined and measurable performance metrics.
Broker Price Opinions
Stands for Broker's Price Opinion.
Broker's Price Opinion also called a Comparative Market Analysis. A method of appraisal in which selling prices of similar properties are used as the basis for arriving at the value estimate. Institutional sellers usually rely on a BPO prepared by a real estate agent and a professional appraisal to determine a listing price.
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Bureau of Program Operations