Definitions for "Business activity monitoring"
Keywords:  bam, alert, ebizq, gartner, kpi
This is a recent Gartner term that combines business process management with historical analytics. The goal is to send an alert to the appropriate person when a business process is in need of intervention, along with historical and analytical information required so the decision maker can make a faster and more informed decision. Gartner is driving BAM up the hype curve with such statements as “By 2004 BAM will be one of the 4 top initiatives driving IT investment,” and vendors hoping to get an early jump on a possible new magic quadrant are paying attention and touting their BAM capabilities. However, ebizQ asserts there is a 3% probability that BAM will reach the “Plateau of Productivity” in the near future. There is still much work to be done here.
The monitoring of all of an enterprise's business processes and IT activities through the use of specialized software components. BAM solutions can be used to alert individuals to changes in the business that may require action.
BAM is the ability to automatically monitor events associated with specific activities in an executing business process. BAM is a business solution supported by an advanced technical infrastructure that enables rapid insight into new business strategies, the reduction of operating cost by real-time identification of issues and improved process performance.