Definitions for "Bpi"
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The DOCSIS-required encryption standard used to protect users and their data. BPI uses a public/private key exchange system to encrypt data that is transmitted between the cable modem and the CMTS. Also: Bits Per Inch A measurement of the recording density of a disk or tape.
See Bytes Per Inch.
BYTES PER INCH. Characters represented by bytes per inch, often used in magnetic tapes. [Next Page] Direct Marketing Glossary (C-E) Did we miss something out ? The world of marketing jargon is an ever-expanding one : If you have come across a useful, useless, or frankly inexplicable new piece of terminology let us know and be entered into our free prize draw
The British Phonographic Industry. See the RIAA below, although the BPI has been far less ruthless and thus garnered far less bad press than their cousins over the pond. So much so that there isn't even a Wikipedia article on them yet. Official link:
Trade body for the UK record industry
Association of the German Pharmaceutical Industry
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Buying Power Index. Average of income, retail revenue and population of a locality as a percentage of the entire United States, which reflects the economic status of that region.
Behavior Problems Index.
Buying Power Index. a measurement of the relative buying power of cities, counties, states, and metropolitan areas; based on population, effective buying income, and total retail sales. A statistic reported in the annual Survey of Buying Power, compiled by Sales and Marketing Management magazine.
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See Business Process Improvement (BPI)
Business Process Improvement. Business process improvement focuses on incrementally improving existing processes. There are many approaches, including Six Sigma. BPI is focused and repeated during the life of a process.
Business Performance Intelligence. A subset of the BI market and involves planning and budgeting, Balanced Scorecard performance management and activity-based costing.
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Banco BPI, S.A., (Portugal)
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Brachial Plexus Injury
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Boost-Phase Intercept.
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Bank of the Philippine Islands
Biodegradable Products Institute
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baseline privacy interface
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Brief Pain Inventory.
a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium
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Broad Public Issue