Definitions for "packed"
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Same as jammed.
Crowded; as, the theater was packed.
filled to capacity; "a suitcase jammed with dirty clothes"; "stands jam-packed with fans"; "a packed theater"
This is also referred to as PACKED-DECIMAL or COMPUTATIONAL-3 or COMP-3. A numeric encoding scheme used on a mainframe. For example, an unsigned number of 12345 would be stored in memory on the mainframe system as x'F1F2F3F4F5' ( EBCDIC-encoded, zoned-decimal format). If the same number was defined as PACKED (or COMP-3) it would be stored in memory as x'12345F'. In this example the packing of the number reduces the size from five (5) bytes to three (3) bytes. The low-order nibble of the low-order byte is used as the sign. If an arithemetic operation is attempted on a field defined as COMP-3 and the field contains non-numeric characters then a data exception error (S0C7) will ABEND the attempt . Refer to COMP-3 in this glossary or for more information.
pressed together or compressed; "packed snow"
A layout in which the motifs are placed close together. Details...
Pressed or mashed together tightly, filling the measuring utensil with as much of the ingredient as possible.
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To pack brown sugar or fat for measuring, spoon it a little at a time into a measuring cup, and then use the back of the spoon to pack it down. Work from the outside edges in towards the center.
A product that is wrapped in software designed to prevent its use without appropriate authorization. In this form a product is a BOB.
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Wool that becomes compacted or felted.