Definitions for "Inventory "
A companys merchandise, raw materials, and finished and unfinished products...
An account, catalogue, or schedule, made by an executor or administrator, of all the goods and chattels, and sometimes of the real estate, of a deceased person; a list of the property of which a person or estate is found to be possessed; hence, an itemized list of goods or valuables, with their estimated worth.
Any listing, as in a catalogue, of objects or resources on hand and available for use or for sale.
Total amount of equipment available for a show.
Includes all existing multi or single tenant leased and owner-occupied industrial warehouse, light manufacturing, flex and R&D properties greater than or equal to 10,000 square feet.
The amount of available space for banners on a website that is able to be delivered within a given time period.
Survey of records and nonrecords materials for developing records retention schedules.
a case where we note the fact that a vehicle is in Guest Parking and record the fact without actually issuing a citation to the vehicle
a more comprehensive baseline survey of all parts of a management unit to which monitoring data may be compared
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Inventory is an inventory program written in GTK
Inventory is a gtk+-2 inventory program that uses a mysql database as backend. Inventory can't do anything fancy, complicated or complex , instead it tries to be flexible, multi-purpose and fast while remaining easy to use.
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all serial numbers are stored in an inventory and organized by SKU. See SKU. P Address: a four-part numerical address, e.g.,, that identifies a specific Internet-connected computer.
Organizations in the U.S. define inventory to suit their needs within Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP), the rules defined by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other federal and state agencies. Inventory management affects organizations' internal operations through their cost accounting methods. The bar codes printed on nearly all goods are called Stock Keeping Units, or SKU's for their role in managing inventory.
The average level of stock in a given point of the supply chain at a given point in time.
Categorized as current assets, Inventory includes those assets purchased for the manufacturing of product or in wholesale/retail business bought for the purpose of reselling them at a profit.
Also called stock. These are materials that you purchase with the intent to sell, but you haven't sold them yet. Inventory is found on the balance sheet under assets. It is considered a current asset because you will convert it into cash as soon as you sell it.
A fulfilment report showing all subscriptions for a given publication, usually sorted by a common parameter such as expiry date, subscription price, term length or source group
The units remaining for a promotion in the GetRelevant network.
A fulfillment report that is a computer print-out of all of a magazine's subscriptions, usually tabulated by expire issue, price, term or source, without individual names and addresses. Used for source analysis and budgeting. Not to be confused with inventories of promotional materials, which should be referred to as "stock."
The probate document from the public records upon which the database is built. All included inventories have been photocopied from the microfilms of county court documents at the Library of Virginia or the Maryland State Archives. The photocopies are on file at Gunston Hall Plantation.
a basic archival finding aid
an abstract not a complete record, and the archival clerks do not share the needs and perception of individual historians and thus may omit as irrelevant a detail that to a researcher is a gem
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Inventory tool for the system administrator written in PHP with MySQL as a back end. The idea is to create a database driven system with a web front end that will allow the administrator to index, associate link and maintain all of the hardware and softwa
A component of IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager that enables system administrators to gather hardware and software information for a network computing environment. It scans the managed resources and stores inventory information in the configuration repository.
a minimal way of performing customer site validation of TCB hardware
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A uniform set of descriptions of granules from one or more data sets with information required to select and obtain a subset of those granules. Granule descriptions typically include temporal and spatial coverage, data quality indicators, and physical storage information. An inventory may describe physical granules, logical granules, or both, including a mapping between them if they are not identical. Source: IWGDMGC, ESADS, EPO.
a collection of resources; "he dipped into his intellectual armory to find an answer"
a method of collecting and organizing information about trees
Inventory are a collective of British artists, writers and art theorists, founded in 1996.
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Inventory is maintained by ASB Accounting. TBA
Data base of a legal entity obtained by applying a protocol for emissions accounting and reporting.
An inventory form C1 is the form used in a Scottish estate on which the personal representative has to provide information such as assets of the estate, including assets situated outside of Scotland.
Inventory is a deprecated term used in the legacy systems to describe the processes now called Asset management.
a repository of information on specific properties evaluated as significant
a repository of names
A set of digital objects to be ingested into the Digital Preservation Repository. The objects will be submitted on behalf of a producer according to the terms of an inventory definition.
Includes all material, labor and overhead on jobs which are currently in progress, less any amounts which have been billed to customers.
The maintenance department's supply of materials including spare parts, tools, lubricants, and anything else needed on the job
Protractor tracks two types of inventory; Materials Inventory, and Supplies Inventory. The difference is simple - Materials are sold for profit, while Supplies are consumed by your business.
Inventories make possible smooth and efficient operation of the total operation of UMMC. The basic challenge is to determine the inventory level that works effectively with the operating system or systems existing within UMMC.
Any equipment purchased or acquired with a value of $1000.00 or more must  be placed on the University's inventory. Please consult the Louisiana Tech Property Control Manual or the University Property Manager for instructions.
Provides a view of all the monitored objects in VirtualCenter. Monitored objects include: Server Farms, farms, farm groups, hosts, virtual machines, and virtual machine groups.
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a fantastic tool used to get to the truth and values someone hold about a specific issues
a personal assessment tool developed
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See cruise.
a mandated examination of a person or personal property, subsequent to arrest or seizure, for purposes of safety and documentation
The amount of impressions a site can deliver in a set period of time.
Inventory is the total number of ad views or impressions that a Web site has to sell over a given period of time (usually, inventory is figured by the month).
Inventory refers to the number of banner ad views Yahoo! anticipates for a given keyword, based on the performance of that keyword on Yahoo! in the past.
a slang term that refers to the nuclear weapons that a nation has deployed.
Scientists create knowledge-bases of species and components of a landscape in order to understand how nature is composed. By knowing what is in a landscape, scientists will know what there is to protect.
A set of studies to determine the presence, extent, or relative condition of wildlife and plant resources.
The physical characteristics of the property, building style, square footage, age, etc.
a snapshot in time and should be considered part of a dynamic process
Inventory of chemicals produced pursuant to Section 8 (b) of the Toxic Substances Control Act.
The totality of the contents of the human mind: all of its concepts, beliefs, judgments, agreements, points of view, and interpreted experiences.
A tool designed to gather preferences and abilities in an evaluation of an individual's skills.
an organized compilation of information on those properties that are evaluated as significant
The systematic acquisition of resource information needed for planning and management.
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is anything constituting inventory for the firm.
a means to establish and readily identify a candidate pool
an estimate of the total number, species, sizes, and quality of trees on a timbered area
Process of gathering static information about what resides on the devices discovered on the network.
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a site of comparison
a place to get specific answers or to begin learning about usage-centered design
The money the system has invested in purchasing things it intends to sell.
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See: Bound volume inventory.
a starting point, however, in understanding what the institution owns
In the secondary market, refers to loans closed but not yet sold to an investor.
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investor relations income fund
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The objects contained on an inventory{1};
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The act of making an inventory{1}.
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See system inventory.