Definitions for "EPO"
Exclusive Provider Organization, Erythropoietin
exclusive provider organizations. Form of managed care in which participants are reimbursed only for care received from affiliated providers.
Exclusive Provider Organization. A form of PPO, in which patients must visit a caregiver who is on its panel of providers. If a visit to an outside provider is made, the EPO will offer limited or no coverage for the office or hospital visit.
Education and Public Outreach
EPO (Proletarian Education, French: Education prolétarienne, Dutch: Proletarische Opvoeding) is a Belgian publisher of mainly progressive books and is closely linked to the Workers Party of Belgium.
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Emergency Planning Officer
EGNOS Project Office
Epidemiology Program Office
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (EPO) is an anti-virus management system which remotely monitors anti-virus software on client computers. In the event of a virus outbreak, infected machines can be easily identified and updated.
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Evening Primrose Oil.
Enterprise Profit Optimization - term invented by Manugistics (the supply chain planning company) to represent a higher level of optimization than purely resource optimization, business profitability.
Employment Process Outsourcing
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Eastern Pacific Ocean