Definitions for "Apo"
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see Army and Air Force Post Office.
Army Post Office. An official United States post office for use by U.S. military units abroad. An army post office or military post office is set up to distribute mail to and from military personnel. Locations are indicated by numbers only to prevent revealing personnel locations. The locations become generally known after a war is over.
area post office
Absolute Price Oscillator. Also known as MACD indicator, APO is calculated by subtracting a longer-term Exponential MA from a shorter-term Exponential MA.
Absolute Price Oscillator. An indicator based on the difference between two exponential moving averages, and is expressed in absolute terms. Also known as the MACD indicator, the APO is calculated by subtracting the longer EMA from the shorter EMA. See ChartSchool article on Price Oscillators.
Alpha Phi Omega. This is a coeducational college fraternity based on the principles of Scouting. It accepts both men and women. They sponsor MBU twice per year and provide staff for Klondike.
Alpha Phi Omega. A college service organization made up primarily of former and current members of BSA.
Advanced Planner & Optimizer
Advanced Planning Optimizer (SAP)
Advanced Planning and Optimization (as in the SAP APO module)
A lens designation that stands for "Apochromatic". Refers to a lensâ€(tm)s ability to bring all colors of the visible spectrum to a common plane of focus, within close tolerances. Used to indicate a lens with superior color correction
the ability to bring all colors of the visible spectrum to a common plane of focus, within close tolerances. It usually refers to a lens with such superior color correction.
apochromatic, also slang for an apochromatic telescope, as in "I wish I owned an APO"
apochromatic refractor telescope
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"A Part Of" -- object-oriented jargon for relations between pats and wholes, compare with AKO.
A prefix from a Greek preposition. It usually signifies from, away from, off, or asunder, separate; as, in apocope (a cutting off), apostate, apostle (one sent away), apocarpous.
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Drugs Aqua Lung Drugs
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After payout; a point during the production of an oil or gas well defined by terms of revenue received as set out by contracts and agreements between working interest owners.
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A print without sound.
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Action Plan Order.
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See Apochromatic