Definitions for "CORPORAL"
A fine linen cloth, on which the sacred elements are consecrated in the eucharist, or with which they are covered; a communion cloth.
A large square white cloth, usually linen, that is placed on the altar at the time of the Offertory and upon which the chalice and paten are placed. The corporal may be kept in the burse when not in use on the altar.( Photo courtesy - Robert Gaspard Co.)
White linen square placed on the mensa under the Eucharist vessels.
A man who occupies the lowest rung of the military ladder. Fiercely the battle raged and, sad to tell, Our corporal heroically fell! Fame from her height looked down upon the brawl And said: "He hadn't very far to fall." Giacomo Smith
A noncommissioned officer, next below a sergeant. In the United States army he is the lowest noncommissioned officer in a company of infantry. He places and relieves sentinels.
Military rank of enlisted grade 4 (E-4).
Belonging or relating to the body; bodily.
affecting or characteristic of the body as opposed to the mind or spirit; "bodily needs"; "a corporal defect"; "corporeal suffering"; "a somatic symptom or somatic illness"
possessing or existing in bodily form; "what seemed corporal melted as breath into the wind"- Shakespeare; "an incarnate spirit"; "`corporate' is an archaic term"
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Airman 1st Class (U.S. Air Force)
Having a body or substance; not spiritual; material. In this sense now usually written corporeal.