Definitions for "LINEN"
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"A kind of cloth the making of which, when made of hemp, entails a great waste of hemp." -- Calcraft the Hangman.
Made of linen; as, linen cloth; a linen stocking.
Resembling linen cloth; white; pale.
Underclothing, esp. the shirt, as being, in former times, chiefly made of linen.
A generic term for fine shirts and underwear, since linen was the material generally used to make them before cotton became popular. The material had the advantages of being cool and strong. There were different kinds. Lawn and cambric - the latter favored for handkerchiefs, were fine varieties used by the rich. The poor used coarser types of linen.
is a fine single thread evenweave.
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Tablecloths and napkins.
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A good quality 20 lea product from Scotland. This yarn is suitable for weaving and mixing in a sweater. Hand wash/Dry Flat.
in this context refers to bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases, pillows, and towels.
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a rough finish used from the 1930's through 1950's.
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A legal right to hold another's property, or to have it sold, or applied for payment of a claim, especially to satisfy a debt.
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See Legal Plan