Definitions for "Crêpe"
Any of various crapelike fabrics, whether crinkled or not.
Paper with a finely crinkle texture, usually sold in rolls of 2-3 inches width; crepe paper; -- it is usually colored brightly and used for decoration.
a lightly thin fabric with a crinkled effect.
Keywords:  pancake, savoury, savory, sweet, fried
A small thin pancake.
A very thin pancake used for sweet and savory fillings.
A thin, delicate pancake.
Keywords:  crape, drape, mirror, cover
Same as Crape.
cover or drape with crape; "crape the mirror"
Keywords:  towels, heavier, grades, tissue
The heavier grades of tissue towels (40 to 60 g/m2).
Paper which has small “folds' in it, giving it high stretch and conformability.