Definitions for "Crinkle"
To form with short turns, bends, or wrinkles; to mold into inequalities or sinuosities; to cause to wrinkle or curl.
To turn or wind; to run in and out in many short bends or turns; to curl; to run in waves; to wrinkle; also, to rustle, as stiff cloth when moved.
A winding or turn; wrinkle; sinuosity.
The waviness of each individual fiber when separated from a lock. It is responsible for elasticity and is usually irregular.
is related to crimp and is used to describe the wavy characteristics of each fibre as opposed those characteristics of crimp found in all fibres uniformly in each lock.
The even, corrugated wave formation in a single fiber of huacaya fleece.
Keywords:  wrinkly, wad, ink, flexibility, film
Wrinkly/wad film severely to determine ink flexibility.