Definitions for "Microfiber"
A high tech fabric that keeps you cooler in warm weather by moving perspiration away from the skin. It also has a soft, silky feel. It is easy-care, dries quickly after washing, and resists wrinkles and stains.
a yarn made from filaments of less than one denier per filament or DPF. The filament size in our NM-280 yarn is 35 times smaller than Ballistics cloth, keeping our MemBrain® fabric in the Cervino soft and supple. It will not stand up in the corner.
The name given to both ultra-fine manufactured fibers and to the technology of developing these fibers. The fabrics made from these extra-fine fibers provide a superior hand, a gentle drape, and incredible softness. Comparatively, microfibers are two times finer than silk, three times finer than cotton, eight times finer than wool, and one hundred times finer than a human hair.