Definitions for "Denier"
Keywords:  finer, gram, filament, coarser, nylon
Unit used to describe the yarn count; the lower the number, the finer the yarn. Accordingly, 560 Cordura material is made of stronger yarn than 420 Parapack.
A thread numbering system used primarily for continuous filament threads. The gram weight of 9,000 meters of thread. The lower the denier, the finer the thread.
(de-nyer) actually a weight measurement used to refer to fineness of a yarn. The lower the denier, the thinner and lighter the thread: we like the light weight and downproofness of a 20-denier fabric in some sleeping-bag. On the other hand, the 1000-denier Ballistics cloth is as sturdy as rope.
A small copper coin of insignificant value.
Silver coin of medieval europe.
any of various former European coins of different denominations
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One who denies; as, a denier of a fact, or of the faith, or of Christ.
A measure of thickness for fabric materials on a 1-1000 scale.