Definitions for "Sett"
(n., v.) a weaving term meaning the pattern of a textile as determined by the yarn or thread colours and the thread count for each colour in the design; also, to set up the loom for weaving a pattern
The count of threads making up one tartan pattern from 'pivot' to 'pivot'
The number of e.p.i. in a woven cloth.
a network of tunnels making up a badger 's homestead
burrow system which badgers use for shelter and breeding.
tudent nvironment asks and ools: A framework considering the particular student (age, functional levels, strengths, etc.), his/her environment (the student's location when asked to perform academic tasks and the physical layout), tasks (what needs to be done), and tools (strategies and accommodations being used now and those to explore to further access to IEP goals). A SETT meeting is held to determine if no-tech, low-tech, and/or on-site technology will meet the student's needs. Recommendations may be made for equipment loans and/or trials. This follows data collection as a part of the Assistive Technology evaluation and acquisition process.
An acronym that stands for: S=Student, E=Environment, T=Tasks, T=Tools used to name Zabala's(1997) data gathering model. The goal of the model is to guide teachers, specialists, clinicians, and parents to work together collaboratively selecting assistive technology for an individual student who has disabilities.
A large cutting as commenly used in the propagation of willows ( BCFT.).
a section of the stem containing lateral buds and a region where adventitious roots develop
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Area of a mining lease
The area of land registered to be mined by a particular mining company.
rectangular paving stone with curved top; once used to make roads
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let to.
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See Set, n., 2 (e) and 3.