Definitions for "Jacquard "
Keywords:  damask, brocade, loom, joseph, tapestry
Pertaining to, or invented by, Jacquard, a French mechanician, who died in 1834.
In fabrics, an intricate, complex type of weaving and the cloth it produces. A loom outfitted with a “jacquard attachment” produces jacquards.
soft and silky woven fabric with a pattern weave. Brocade and Damask are jacquard woven fabrics.
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Jacquard paper looks like it is overlaid with another layer (i.e. lace).
A screen-printed paper that creates an illusion of layering (example: paper that looks like it's overlaid with a swatch of lace).
a computer program which controls the embroidery machine detailing where to stitch and what thread to use
A ribbon with embroidery on it
Jacquard is a Web-database integration toolkit, written as a Java Servlet package. It is designed to make it extremely easy to build two- and three-tier client-server applications which will be completely portable to any hardware platform and operating system which supports a Java
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Jacquard is a web-based POS for Managing restaurant