Definitions for "ROADS"
Roads is a short novel by author Seabury Quinn. It was published by Arkham House in 1948 in an edition of 2,137 copies. It was Arkham House's first illustrated book and the author's first hardcover.
Generally this includes any travelways used by motorized vehicles. In GIS habitat analysis roads refers to travelways that are driveable by 2-wheel drive vehicles on a year-round basis. Low quality roads may also have some impact on wolf habitat, but are often more difficult to accurately measure and assess.
ROADS was a set of Perl tools for helping people to catalogue Internet resources, e.g. websites.
The ROADS software is a collection of tools which can be used in building on-line catalogues of Internet resources.
Resource Organisation And Discovery in Subject based services
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a partly sheltered anchorage
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'Roads' includes footways and cycle tracks.
An open way, usually surfaced with tarmac or concrete, providing passage from one place to another.
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Nearly 47,000 miles of roads spanned the Roman Empire.
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a real must-have and I am seriously impressed
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See legs.