Definitions for "Discovery"
A making known; revelation; disclosure; as, a bankrupt is bound to make a full discovery of his assets.
Part of the pre-trial litigation process during which each party requests relevant information and documents from the other side in an attempt to "discover" pertinent facts.
That set of procedures through which the parties to a suit obtain information about the matters relevant to a given case.
Finding out or ascertaining something previously unknown or unrecognized; as, Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood.
That which is discovered; a thing found out, or for the first time ascertained or recognized; as, the properties of the magnet were an important discovery.
The process of learning about something previously unknown or unrecognized.
Discovery is a 1979 album by Electric Light Orchestra.
Discovery is the 2001 second album by Daft Punk. It marks a shift in the sound from the Chicago house that they were previously known for to disco-style synth-pop, a notably jarring move for fans of Homework. The immediate change in aesthetic initially caused some critics to pan the album, but it would eventually gain praise in later years.
Discovery is a record album written and mostly performed by Mike Oldfield. It was his 9th new album.
Discovery was a documentary television series produced by Duncan Dallas, Yorkshire Television. It was first shown in England in 1974.
Discovery was the first documentary television series to be broadcast on RTÉ. The series started on January 7 1964 with a programme on Dublin Airport.
Purpose-built ship that served as the main vessel for Captain Scott's National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04).
Discovery was a 20-ton "fly-boat" of the British East India Company, launched before 1602. She took part in six expeditions in search of the Northwest Passage.
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Third shuttle to fly into orbit. Scheduled return to flight July 2005.
Discovery Magazine is the inflight magazine available for free to all passengers on Cathay Pacific flights. It is published monthly and can be found in the seatback pockets of every seat on Cathay Pacific aircraft. Passengers can take the magazine with them when they disembark their flights.
The Japanese Elm Ulmus davidiana var. japonica cultivar Discovery is a very tough, cold-resistant selection from Canada. It was raised along with Freedom in the 1980s by Dr Wilbert Ronald, of Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. and Rick Durand of Shade Consulting Services, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. It has an oval form, with vase-shaped branching, supporting dark green foliage turning yellow in autumn.
The process of finding resources within an enterprise, including finding the new location of monitored resources that were moved. In IBM Tivoli Storage Area Network Manager, the process detects logical and physical storage resources in the storage environment, and their interconnections (also called topology). IBM Tivoli Storage Area Network Manager also collects attributes of storage resources, such as vital product data, and capacity and utilization measurements. Discovery includes the detection of changes in network topology, such as new and deleted nodes or new and deleted interfaces. See also discovery interval.
The process of discovering which devices are located on your network and determining from those devices an accurate picture of how the devices interconnect with one another and the server(s), ultimately building a map referred to as the network topology.
Activity of locating all resources (perhaps of a particular kind, such as IBM NICs) attached to a network.
character who appears onstage without making an entrance, as when a curtain opens. Ferdinand and Miranda are "discovered" playing chess in Shakespeare's The Tempest when Prospero pulls away a curtain that had been hiding them from view.
Identification of a biological, genetic or protein target linked to a particular disease; subsequent lead identification of a potential drug that interacts with the target to help cure the disease or halt its progression.
Process for identifying end connections on the network. This provides identification of real existing assets and can be correlated to verify them with known assets.
identification of a protein or biological target linked to a particular disease. The discovery phase is followed by subsequent application of the protein as therapeutic product itself or identification of a potential drug that interacts with the protein target to help cure the disease.
A continuing line in NASA's budget dedicated to small planetary missions characterized by a 3-year development schedule and a budget cap of $150 million (FY 1992). Mars Pathfinder and Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR), the first two Discovery missions, were granted new starts in NASA's FY 1994 budget. Two additional missions, Lunar Prospector and Stardust, were competitively selected for new starts in NASA's FY 1995 and 1996 budgets, respectively.
Extreme long range scout ship.
Discovery (formerly Island Venture, Island Princess, Hyundai Pungak and Platinum) is a cruise ship, currently in operation with Discovery Cruises
Exploration; examination.
An Exploration well which has encountered hydrocarbons.
Modern diamond discovery is carried out by geologists employed by exploration and resource companies, usually be searching for kimberlite pipes.
Discovery (1931-1958) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse about which the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame said: "...considered one of the greatest horses of the 20th century."
This phase doesn’t always come after activation, but it usually does. When a virus is detected and isolated, it is sent to the International Computer Security Association in Washington, D.C., to be documented and distributed to anti-virus developers. Discovery normally takes place at least a year before the virus might have become a threat to the computing community. (see Assimilation)
a phenomenal development as it opens a new avenue through which scientists can track the pathway that leads to coronary heart disease and heart attack," says Mr
an exciting new beer you introduce to your fellow beer snobs
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a gift to mankind
A pedagogical method or approach that uses inquiry to encourage students to seek answers for themselves.
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an attack on an enemy piece which is unveiled by moving one of your pieces
An attack by a piece that was opened up via another piece's move.
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a productive insight
the initial activity in the Superfund process where a potentially contaminated site is reported to EPA or a similar state or local agency
The process of identifying services and adding them to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Navigator.
is the location by drilling of a well of an accumulation of gas, condensate or oil reserves, the size of which may be estimated but not precisely quantified and which may or may not be commercially economic, depending on a number of factors.
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a change from ignorance to knowledge
As used in this report, initial recognition and demonstration of the presence of valuable mineral within a claim.
The act of utilising tools and services to search for and retrieve digital assets from (various) sources (e.g. object repositories, databases, metadata search engines).
The action of discovering; exposure to view; laying open; showing; as, the discovery of a plot.
Determination that a fire exists at a specific location; in contrast to action related to detection, reporting of the fire is not required.
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an accident meeting a prepared mind
early stages of research during which compounds are identified as possible targets for drug development.
Services must be discoverable, meaning that the architecture has a directory with definitions on available services.
The exchange of the Web service description details necessary to interact with the service.