Definitions for "Brief"
Concise; terse; succinct.
A short concise writing or letter; a statement in few words.
An abridgment or concise statement of a client's case, made out for the instruction of counsel in a trial at law. This word is applied also to a statement of the heads or points of a law argument.
a type of men's underpants without legs, fitting tightly and held by an elastic waistband; also called Jockey shorts.
A traditional rise panty with full coverage in the rear. For a modern take on a classic silhouette choose a brief in seamless microfiber. View our full selection of Women's Brief Panties
A full-coverage, to-the-waist panty, cut low on the thigh.
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A writ; a breve. See Breve, n., 2.
A writ issuing from the chancery, directed to any judge ordinary, commanding and authorizing that judge to call a jury to inquire into the case, and upon their verdict to pronounce sentence.
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An epitome.
Short in duration.
a short news item, usually without a byline.
of short duration or distance; "a brief stay in the country"; "in a little while"; "it's a little way away"
a paper submitted to government or an official body, which states our policy and suggests a course of action
A specialised paper to be produced by the Scrutiny Team before an Evidentiary Hearing to provide members of the Committee with the information they need to understand why each witness has been invited to present, what the witness is likely to say, and suggested questions to be put.
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A short news story.
an abridged version of a CNS story
A brief story.
Once you decide you would like to work with Market Makers for your telemarketing or direct marketing needs, we will provide you with a comprehensive brief before commencement of your campaign. This will detail the project objectives, reporting procedures, timescale, ROI etc.
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Rife; common; prevalent.
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a Schools on meridia B there www phentermine com is
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(also known as Statement of Intent) a document issued by the client to the research agency specifying key criteria for the research design e.g. background, research & business objectives etc.
A request for research, made by an organization to a research company. The same as RFP (request for proposal). The research company will reply with a detailed proposal.
a way of recording the essence of a controversy
A single stripper card in a deck used to facilitate illegal cuts.
a device to help you later recapture material
A letter patent, from proper authority, authorizing a collection or charitable contribution of money in churches, for any public or private purpose.
brief letter
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see creative brief.
give essential information to someone; "The reporters were briefed about the President's plan to invade"
a common feature of any job to be tackled effectively
A planning brief can include site-specific development briefs, design briefs, development frameworks and master plans that seek to positively shape future development.
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a theme or task set every 'session'
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a problem and the design is the solution to that problem
Soon; quickly.