Definitions for "Com"
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Microsoft's alternative to CORBA (To of the page)
Component Object Module. COM libraries are provided as part of the CICS Universal Client to simplify linking from VisualBasic to CICS.
Executable program Compilers and assemblers
COMPUTER OUTPUT MICROFILM. Microfilm containing data converted and recorded directly from a computer. Generally used instead of hard copy printouts.
computer output microfilm. device that generates microfilm direct from the computer
Computer output microfilm. Microfilm containing data produced by a recorder from computer-generated signals.
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It stands for .commercial. Domain names with the .com extension are by far the most popular, and can be purchased by any individual or business.
When this appears as the last part of an address (in [email protected], for example), it indicates that the host computer is run by a computer rather than by a university (.edu) or governmental agency (.gov). It also means that the host computer is probably in the United States.
A domain name suffix denoting commercial entities such as corporations and companies. By example, is the domain name for Vivid Details, a company providing royalty-free photographs on CD's. Cookies: Cookies are data entries sent from a web server to a special file on your computer. Click here for more information.
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Although it’s in all capital letters, COM is not an acronym. It’s a contraction of communications, and it’s used to describe the serial port on a PC. COM is generally used in conjunction with a number, as in COM1, COM2, COM3, or COM4 (for example, a printer port).
Communications port or serial port used by modems, mice, and some printers. DOS assigns these ports as COM1, COM2, and sometimes COM3 and COM4. DOS also lets you refer to the first communications port as AUX. Note: Some programs count communications ports starting with 0, so "Port 0" or "Communications Port 0" would be COM1, and "Port 1" would be COM2.
The device names for the serial ports on your system.
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com mercial
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Coma Berenices
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COM was a manga magazine started in January 1967 by Osamu Tezuka. It was started in response to the success of Garo (which at that time was around its highest circulation), and as a way for Tezuka and other artists to showcase more avant-garde and experimental works in manga. The first seven stories of Phoenix were the most famous work to be published from this anthology before it went under in 1972.
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Committee on Mutagenicity (GBR)
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Stands for omponent bject odule.
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com mand file is a program for a CP/M, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, or possibly even an x86 GEOS machine. It will probably not work on a platform other than the one for which it was designed (including the different variants of MS-Windows). Similar to, but usually smaller than, an exe file.
COMMAND FILE A DOS command file
Filetype for a CP/M command file. See command file.
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When the illness of the ear Otitis Media is present for more than two months, physicians refer to it as being chronic. (See also AOM, Eardrum, and OM).
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Common - a connector on a microswitch that is always used, regardless of whether the other connector used is NC or NO.
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Communication Radio
Com Radio
Communications Radio
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When these letters appear at the end of an address, they indicate that the host site is run by a company rather than a university or government agency.
These letters at the end of an internet address indicate that the host computer is run by a company as opposed to a government agency or an organization. It is also most likely located in the United States.
When these letters appear in lowercase type at the end of an address, they indicate that a company, rather than a university or government agency, runs the host computer. It also means that the host computer is most likely located in the United States.
corporations or commercial entities
an Internet only entity. .coms can be created by traditional brick and mortar entities or by independent entities. Examples:, ( is a separate legal entity from the physical book retailer.)
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Commercial (business) location
Central Operations Management. Operating system which provides for the subordination of certain stations or entire stretches of railway line to centralised command posts. A CTCS system is formed by a Central Control Point, and by various Peripheral Control Points connected together. The traffic safety is provided by the peripheral signalling systems, central equipment and block systems. Traffic control and direct management of the circulation, by remote control, is carried out by the Central Operations Manager who mans the Central Control Point.
company operations manual
Computerized Operations Management -- An integrated system approach using high technology for automatic and/or control to improve utility operations. (2)
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Committee of Ministers
Nominet's Council of Management; the equivalent of a Board of Directors.
One of the on-line commands to an Argos processing center. Provides you with the most recent data from your transmitters.
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Commander, Order of Merit of the Police Forces
Commercial Organizations
Usually a company or other commercial institution or organization, like Convex Computers (
College of Management at Metropolitan State University
College of Communication
Abbreviation for "Customer's Own Material." Term used in a furniture specification when an item is being upholstered with fabric from a source other than the manufacturer of the furniture.
changes of method. The number of changes into another method in compositions of spliced.
Customer's Own Material; this can be any material from fabrics to laminates to wood that are not a standard offering on products, but purchased separately, and applied to products in a custom fashion.
Money paid to affiliates based on the referred traffic, leads or sales generated via their links - for instance a percentage of sales value generated, or a fixed amount for registrations or similar.
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international commercial website
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Center of Mass. the point on a body where forces are applied
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Local Community
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Communications, data transfer
Commercial Companies Anyone
U.S commercial