Definitions for "Gov"
domain name suffix used in Internet addresses that denotes a non-military government institution.
governmental agencies
U.S. govermnent, non-military
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Government (or GVT)
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Government Agcy's Restricted
In an Internet address, a domain which is supported by a government organization. Ex: "" is a government system.
A government site; for example, NASA is
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These letters appear in the URL of Web pages run by local, state, or federal governments.
When these letters appear at the last part of an address (in, for example), it indicates that the host computer is run by some part of a government body, probably the U.S. federal government, rather than by a company or university.
When these letters appear as the last part of a Web address, it indicates that the host computer is run by a government body, probably in the United States.
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A group of VOP's is the basic unit of an MPEG-4 video stream. The GOV contains different types and numbers of VOP's (I-VOP's, P-VOP's, etc) as determined by the GOV length and GOV structure. See also VOP.
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A website ending for valid government websites.
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Government Owned Vehicle
Common URL ending that refers to a government organization.
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Government location
goverment (ïðàâèòåëüñòâåííûå)