Definitions for "DNS"
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Domain Name Service is the means of assigning IP addresses an easier to remember name. The common implementation used is BIND, Berkeley Internet Name Domain.
The method by which IP addresses are translated into domain names and back again. DNS is needed to be able to go to a page using its domain name (i.e.,
Domain Name System. An Internet addressing system that uses a system of names listed with dots (.) between them in the order of the most specific to the most general group. In the United States the most general domains are network categories such as com (commercial), edu (education), and gov (government). EXAMPLE:
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it did not begin.
a moniker that describes the circumstance of a racer, properly registered, that did not report to the start, or did not receive a start.
Meaning "did not start", the ruling when a competing boat fails to start a race and is awarded the maximum number of points for that race.
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A Determination of Non-Significance. This is a decision made by a lead agency that an activity for a which a SEPA checklist was submitted, will have no significant environmental impact.
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Destination on a moto sheet that a rider " id ot tart" in any particular moto or main.
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Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE): Equipment required to connect a DTE (data terminal equipment) to a line or to a network.
Digital Nervous System. A term used by Bill Gates in frequent speeches in 1997 and 2000. Gates describes a future merging of PCs and communications in a wireless networked environment that makes it easy for people to navigate and share information. He speaks of a wireless pocket tablet ("a computer in every pocket") that enhances communications from many sources, aids in pattern recognition, and largely replaces telephone calls and paper messages and forms in business.
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Doctor of Nursing Science
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Glossary of Terms
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Home page LAN User
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Digital Numbers
directory numbers.