Definitions for "Walkover"
a race with only one starter, with the lone starter required to gallop the entire distance of the race to win.
a race which scratches down to only one starter who merely gallops the required distance.
A race in which only one horse competes.
backbends combined with handstands
A move where a gymnast moves from a standing position through a handstand position to a standing position while "walking" through the air with the feet.
Starting from standing on one foot, go through inverted split and one footed bridge positions to return to stand. Can be done forward and backward. Compare with: "limber".
an unopposed victory. A walkover may be awarded as a bye, or more commonly because the opponent defaulted by being disqualified or failing to attend the match-including after withdrawling due to injury.
A victory that results from the opponent's default.
any undertaking that is easy to do; "marketing this product will be no picnic"